Geyer Springs Elementary

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    The original Geyer Springs Elementary school was built in 1899 on Geyer Springs Road, across the street from the present-day location of Geyer Springs Methodist Church. It was a one-room building, housing eight grades. The land was donated by Harve Boyd, and materials and labor to build the school cost the school district $199.

    geyer springs original school building


    A second Geyer Springs School was built in the early 1920s on the grounds where the Methodist church now stands. It was a small, white building facing Mabelvale Pike. Two wings gradually were added, making it a T-shaped building. With the overflow of students from Meadowcliff Elementary and a growing population in the Geyer Springs area, more room was needed so classes were held in the basement of the old Geyer Springs Methodist Church (located across the street from where it now stands).

    second geyer springs school building

    The present Geyer Springs Elementary structure opened its doors in 1959. Additions to the original building were made in 1965 and 1971. An addition and renovation took place in 1972. Significant construction in 1991 included existing classroom renovations and a new media center, a new health room, new classrooms and new offices. The Little Rock School District annexed this school from the Pulaski County Special School District in 1987. The school was converted to an academy in 2014 before being reconfigured into an Early Childhood Center the following year.  Geyer Springs Elementary is named for a nearby natural spring and the surrounding neighborhood.



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