Dunbar Jr. College

  • School no longer in operation

    The Junior College for African-American students was housed in one wing of Dunbar High School. It was operated by the Little Rock School District and was in operation from 1930 until 1955, but was not incorporated until 1948. Its constitution was adopted in 1950, and the first Board of Trustees were the directors of the LRSD School Board.

    The division of staff between Dunbar High School and Dunbar Junior College was approximately 2/3 for the junior college and 1/3 for the high school.



    LRSD archives.
    "Closed College Index, Arkansas" (web page from Prof. R. Brown of Westminster College in Missouri, charting colleges and universities in Arkansas that no longer are operating): If you have information about a Little Rock school or photographs that you would like to contribute to this project (we will return photographs if requested), please contact us!
    Updated June 2007