• sherman school

    School no longer in operation
    Building no longer exists

    Formerly known as the First Ward School and originally a one-room schoolhouse, the Sherman School gradually was enlarged to two rooms with a small vestibule connecting the two. Later, the two rooms were divided into four. Sherman originally was a grade school, but after the expansion the high school was added. The first principal was Miss Fannie Thomas, and the first high school principal was Professor Dale. Unknown when it was built.

    The 5th grade class at Sherman School (date unknown). Photo from LRSD archives.

    An entry in the minutes of the School Board indicated that the school burned in October 1873; evidently it was rebuilt soon thereafter. The fire prompted the Board to purchase fire insurance policies on all district buildings. Kramer Elementary later was built on the same site.


    LRSD archives
    Newspaper article (origin unknown) in LRSD archives. if you have information about a Little Rock school or photographs that you would like to contribute to this project (we will return photographs if requested), please contact us!
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