• Bale Elementary

    Bale Elementary was first occupied on March 18, 1959; its official dedication was May 7 of the same year. Additions to the school took place in 1962, 1968 and 2002. It was named for Hardin Bale, a member of the LRSD Board of Directors from 1932 to 1941. The school was referred to as "Broadmoor" while under construction; the School Board voted to name the school after Hardin Bale at a special meeting in November 1958.

    Hardin Bale was a prominent Little Rock businessman in addition to being active on the LRSD Board of Directors. In 1912 he formed the Shoemaker-Bale Company, a Ford auto dealership, which later evolved into Bale Chevrolet.



    LRSD archives.
    "LR schools named for prominent people," Arkansas Democrat article by Cynthia Howell, 18 Apr 1983; page 10B.If you have information about a Little Rock school or photographs you would like to contribute to this project (we will return photographs if requested), please contact us!
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