Q & A: Using the Online System

  • Why do I need to register in order to use the online services?

    When you register you will receive password access to report your service and utilize the ViPS message center. No personal or confidential information will ever be posted or accessible through the online service options.  Please remember: Your password will not be activated until your request is processed. Please allow 24 hours (business days) for your initial registration request to be processed.  

    When I go to report my hours there are two options listed for each school in the drop-down box. What do those listings mean and how do I know which one to pick?

    Every volunteer opportunity falls under one of two types of volunteer service: administrative and extracurricular support (essentially non-educational) or educational support .  It is up to you to determine which of these options the volunteer activity you are reporting falls under.

    Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    • Administrative and Extracurricular: helping in the school office, campus beautification, school fundraisers, PTA meetings, playground monitoring, writing the newsletter, chaperoning a trip, volunteer sport coach, etc.

    • Educational: mentoring, tutoring, reader, career or classroom speaker, teacher's helper, Book Fair assistant, helping with student academic achievement recognitions, academic coach, etc.

    Pick the description you believe best fits your activity.  If you are unsure, type a short description in the message box. We will be happy to adjust it if we feel the activity has been placed in the wrong volunteer category.

    Is it possible to submit more than one report per month?

    Yes.  You may send daily reports and each will be recorded.  Once your service time reports have been submitted, the next time you sign on you will see a list of each month's totals.

    If I signed in at the school do I need to report my service hours through the ViPS online system?

    No, electronic reporting is not necessary if you signed in and out at the school - but remember, the only way your service time can be reported and documented by individual is through ViPS online electronic reporting system. Taking responsibility for reporting your service time provides us with more accurate records and takes some of the work off school staff and volunteers who normally have to generate those reports for the school.  

    Will the school still get credit for my service?

    Yes. You will be asked to select the schools where you volunteer. If the school is not in your list of options, let the ViPS staffknow so new options may be added. If you have students attending different schools throughout the district you should have each of those schools on your list. Putting a school on your list of options does not obligate you in any way, but makes reporting convenient.

    I have added schools to my list but I do not see them as an option in the drop-down box. Why are they not there?  

    Schools are added by downloading the information to the server during normal business hours. If you submitted a request after hours, during the weekend or during a school holiday your request will be delayed. You may forward a general report (include name, school, activity and hours) via e-mail and your information will be entered for you.      

    Will my volunteer service be counted twice?

    If you are committed to online reporting, sign in and out as a visitor so your service isn't counted twice.  


    Individuals who register with ViPS and report their volunteer service hours online may qualify for the President's Volunteer Service Award given annually. Click for more information.


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