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    GT Zoom Night Presentation-Fall 2022

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    The Little Rock School District's Gifted and Talented Program provides an educational environment for identified GT students that allows them to develop intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  Program options are provided for students in grades K-12.  

    How is Gifted and Talented Defined?  "Arkansas' defines gifted and talented youth as those who possess high potential or ability whose learning characteristics and educational needs require qualitatively differentiated educational experiences and/or services.  Possession of these talents and gifts, or the potential for their development, will be evidenced through and interaction of above average academic ability, task commitment/and or motivation, and creative ability." 

    All types of gifted students from all cultures and economic backgrounds, regardless of race, sex, or creed, who have demonstrated a need for specialized services, will be offered a qualitatively differentiated curriculum.

     The following resources are provided for further information about gifted education and the services provided by the LRSD:

    Additional Resources: 

    Program News

    1.Destination Imagination Fund Raising Link-  Please join us in supporting Destination Imagination Teams as they plan for participation in the DI Global Tournament in May.  Teams have begun planning their entries in the Arkansas State Destination Imagination Tournament- 1st Place teams will advance to the Global Tournament.  Your tax deductible contribution will go to support students with lodging, entry fees, meals, and travel expenses.  Thank you in advance for supporting our students!!!  Scan the QR Below to make a donation or follow this link:  Destination Imagination Donation Link

    Destination Imagination QR Code to make a donation

    2. Setting a Standard of Excellence! Check out our award-winning staff!

    AGATE Educator Award Recipients:

    2018- Jennifer Thomas

    2020- Margaret Wang

    2021- Rhonda Adams

    2022- Jason Finney

    2023- Susan Jackson

    AGATE Challenger Award Recipients:

    2020- Romona Cheneval

    2022- Jennifer Thomas

    LRSD Gifted Programs Named Outstanding Program

    LRSD Gifted Programs was recognized at the 2019 AGATE Conference by the Governor's Advisory Council for Gifted and Talented Education as an ACT 56 Outstanding Program.  Each year, 3 programs in Arkansas are recognized,  LRSD Gifted Programs received the award for districts of 3,000 or more students.  LRSD will be eligible to apply for this honor again in 2024.  

    ACT 56 Award    

    LRSD ACT 56 Award Presentation L-R:  Dr. Sadie Mitchell, LRSD Deputy Superintendent of Elementary Schools; Romona Cheneval, LRSD Director of Gifted Programs K-12; Krystal Nail, ADE Director of Gifted and Talented and Advanced Placement; Jennifer Thomas, LRSD Secondary Coordinator; and Mr. Marvin Burton, LRSD Deputy Superintendent of Secondary Schools.  

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    For more information contact:

    Romona Cheneval, Director K-12/Network 2 and 3 Partner
    Jennifer Thomas, Network 1 Partner

    Neva Johnson- Administrative Assistant/Bookeeper 
    Office Phone:  (501) 447-3390
    Office Fax:  (501) 447-3391
    E-mails:  romona.cheneval@lrsd.orgjennifer.thomas@lrsd.org; neva.johnson@lrsd.org

    AGATE Conference Attendees 22





ACT 56 Outstanding Program Award