Early Childhood Education

  • The Early Childhood Office only accepts applications for LRSD Pre-K. Our office is located in the Geyer Springs Early Childhood Center, 5240 Mabelvale Pike.

    To visit our office, drive to the back of the building off 51st Street. This is a separate entrance from the school. 

    Program Goal:

    The goal of the LRSD Early Childhood program is to offer quality early childhood education opportunities for preschool children in the district through a school-based setting.  Having access to nurturing, supportive educational experiences will prepare our children to enter kindergarten with the necessary cognitive, physical, social, emotional and early language and literacy skills for success in school.

    Age Requirements

    To enroll in the four-year-old prekindergarten program for the upcoming school year, a child must be four (4) years of age on or before August 1. A child who is five (5) years of age on or before August 1 is eligible for kindergarten; thus, is not eligible for the Pre-Kindergarten program. These are the requirements established by the Division of Child and Early Childhood Education for enrollment in Pre-Kindergarten.

    Little Rock School District currently has programs for three-year-old children. Children must be three (3) years of age on or before August 1. Students who wish to attend the LRSD 3-year-old program must meet income eligibility guidelines. Three-year-old children are served at Chicot ECC, Geyer Springs ECC, Martin Luther King, Rockefeller ECC, Romine ECC, and Stephens.

    Will your child be 3 or 4 years old ON OR BEFORE August 1st? If so, your child may be eligible to attend LRSD Pre-Kindergarten.

    See NEW Pre-K Registration Procedures.


    Documents Required

    In order for a child to apply for the LRSD Pre-Kindergarten program, families must provide the following documents:

    • LRSD Pre-K Application
    • Original Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Number
    • Proof of Residency (2 forms required)
    • Proof of Income (for legal guardians in the home)

    Acceptable proof of earned income includes:

    • Paycheck stubs (dated within the last 30 days showing at least 30 days of income)
    • Current W-2 statement
    • Copy of Free and Reduced Lunch Form
    • Letter from employer stating income amount and how often paid 
    • Unemployment benefits notice and payment schedule 

    Parents or guardians claiming zero earned income may provide a notarized statement with their signature attesting to the fact that there is no earned income.

    We provide free notary services.  

    Student assignment notifications occur in the spring.