• Applying for Magnet Schools - New to District
  • Applying for Magnet School - Current Students
  • Retuning to the District
  • Never Attended LRSD Before
  • Note:  If your child is attending the LRSD and you are not applying for a Magnet or Speciality school you do not need to do anything!


Online Student Registration

  • Gateway online registration

    You may register online at cas.lrsd.org

    1. Click on the PARENTS
    2. Under STUDENT REGISTRATION, click on Online Student Registration.
    3. Use the link (CLICK HERE) to begin a new registration. The Gateway Registration will appear.
    4. Click on START (right side of page), then select “I AM READY TO BEGIN.
    5. On this page, build the Profile Information for your student.


     Any questions? Email sro@lrsd.org or use our Comment and Question Submission Form for those who cannot email.

    Thank you for choosing LRSD! #LRSDPowerofUs


     We look forward to serving each of you!