Student Assignments

  • NEW students to the district will have a two part process to register for school: 1) Registration will be online using the New LRSD Student Registration system.  2) After registering online, an ID number will be generated. The ID number will used to apply for magnet/specialty school options. YOU MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESS TO APPLY.  

    *Your application will not be complete until you submit all required documentation. Please take a scan or a picture with your phone of the following required documents and submit them to Student Registration using the SRO New Student Comment and Document Submission Form

    1. Child's birth certificate
    2. Social security card or number
    3. Two current proofs of your residence, (including a utility bill and a signed lease agreement)
    4. Child’s immunization record.


    NEW! Interested Forest Heights STEM Academy Parents! Thank you for your interest in Forest Heights STEM Academy!

    This disclaimer is designed  to provide clarity around our assignment process. While your application will be accepted by our office, it must go through the approval process before it can be entered into our next scramble, which could be up to an entire nine week period. Should vacancies arise after the assignments of the initial waiting pool, we will initiate another scramble, which should include your application if approved and assign according to the LRSD assignment process.  

    Early Childhood Open Enrollment (P3/P4) will be held at Geyer Springs Early Childhood Center, which is located at 5240 Mabelvale Pike, Little Rock.  To read more about the P3/P4 requirements, CLICK HERE.

    School Feeder Patterns: (Please note: Sibling preference* will only be granted to students who are currently attending the school of interest and the student (sibling) has maintained enrollment.

    *Sibling preference will not be granted during Open Enrollment periods for students who are terminating an organizational level, i.e., siblings who are at the 5th, 8th and 12th grade levels, with the exception of 5th grade students at Forest Heights STEM Academy.

    What are Attendance Zone Schools? 

    School assignments in the LRSD are made based on geographic attendance zones for elementary schools (grades K - 5th), middle schools (grades 6th - 8th) and high schools (grades 9th - 12th). Each residential address in the district is tied to these zones, although there are areas of the city of Little Rock that are not part of the LRSD. For assistance in determining which zone schools serve your address, you can contact the Student Registration Office or utilize the "Find Your School" tool. All students who register are automatically assigned to their attendance zone school, depending on space availability. In such cases, students will be alternately assigned to the closest attendance zone school with bus transportation.  Parents are invited to contact their attendance zone school to arrange a tour, seek information about specific programs or meet the principal.

    What if we move to a different area within the school district?

    Address changes processed during the school year oftentimes entail a change in schools if the family has moved outside of the attendance zone for the original school.  Students who move are allowed to complete the school year as long as the parent can provide transportation back to the original school. Additionally, most students who are attending schools outside of their attendance zone (magnet schools, transfers, etc.) will not be reassigned due to an address change. Each parent is expected to contact their child's school and process the necessary paperwork whenever the family moves to a new address.  Students who are not placed in their attendance zone school will be placed in a waiting pool. When additional seats become available, students will be assigned.  For more information on moving to a different area, click here.

    What pre-school (Pre-K) options are available for my child?

    Because the LRSD recognizes the impact early childhood experiences can have on a child's later success in school, we offer P3 and P4 classes at various schools throughout the district. P3 classes are income based. In order to register a P3 or P4 student, the parent needs to complete an application by clicking on this link - Early Childhood.  Your child's school assignment is determined by your residential address. To determine the name and location of your attendance zone school, you may contact the Student Registration Office. If your school is at capacity, your student may placed on a numbered waiting list and will be assigned to the closest school. A child must be three years of age by August 1, 2020 to attend the P3 program and must be four years of age by August 1, 2020 to attend the P4 program for the 2020-21 school year. These classes are taught by certified teachers, assisted by classroom aides, and feature developmentally appropriate activities for three and four-year-old children.

    P3 and P4 classes operate during normal elementary school hours and are free of charge.  Income eligiblity must be provided for each application.  After school daycare may be available for a fee. Parents should contact individual schools to check on daycare options.  

    For P3 and P4 classes, where demand exceeds the number of seats available, a weighted priority scramble will be used in making school assignments.  Placement priority is given to:

    • students who live in the attendance zone and have siblings enrolled in the school
    • students who live in the attendance zone but do not have siblings enrolled
    • students of employees at the school
    • students who do not live in the attendance zone but have siblings enrolled in the school
    • students who do not live in the attendance zone and do not have siblings enrolled in the school

    Parents interested in applying for their child to participate in a LRSD P3 or P4 class should complete the registration paperwork during the open registration period for the school year. A computerized selected scramble will be utilized in the new assignment process.  Therefore, no numbered waiting list will exist.  When additional seats become available, students will be assigned to the appropriate categores and another scramble will be intiated to fill available seats. No district transportation will be provided for P3 or P4 students.  PLEASE NOTE:  No correspondence will be sent to you if your student was not selected for the P3 or P4 Program.

    Click here for additional Pre-K option information or contact the Geyer Springs Early Childhood Office at 501-447-7360.  Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.