Welcome to Care Program


    Supervisor: Annette Walton - Acting Supervisor
    4800 West 26th
    Little Rock, AR 72204
    Telephone: 501-447-1880
    Fax: 501-447-1881


    Welcome to the CARE Program

    The Little Rock School District CARE Program offers before and after school child care.  CARE will open a site with a minimum of fifteen students.  CARE is currently available at 22 sites. See list below.

    The CARE Program

    • Provides a safe environment
    • Offers creative and recreational activities
    • Helps children feel good about themselves
    • Encourages growth in relationships and social skills
    • Provides time for homework and outdoor play

    Registration forms will be available beginning July 24 at the CARE Program located at 4800 West 26th Street, 72204.

    In order to register, please BRING or MAIL forms and fees to the CARE program office.

    Child Care Fees

    • Registration fee $50.00
    • Full time monthly $195.00 monthly
    • Part time 4 days per week $160.00 monthly
    • Part time 3 days per week $119.00 monthly
    • Part time 2 days per week $ 80.00 monthly
    • Part time 1 day per week $ 39.00 monthly
    • 3 day drop-in $10.50 per day $ 31.50 per card
    • Holiday reservation per day $15.00

    Limited space is available so register early! For more information, call CARE at 447-1880.           

    CARE currently operates at the following 22 sites:

    Booker, Brady, Carver, Chicot, Dodd, Fair Park, Forest Heights, Forest Park, Fulbright, Geyer Springs, Jefferson, King, McDermott, Otter Creek, Pulaski Heights, Roberts, Rockefeller, Romine, Terry, Washington, Western Hills and Williams.