• Application FAQ

    What qualifications are necessary to teach in Little Rock School District? Every teacher must hold at least a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent and be able to qualify for an Arkansas teaching certificate in the unsigned field of specialization. If you do not hold an Arkansas teaching certificate, inquiries should be directed to: Professional Licensure, Arkansas Department of Education, rooms 106B and 107B, #4 State Capital Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201, (501) 682-4475 or you may visit Arkansas Department of Education website at www.arkansased.org.

    How do I apply for a teaching position? Complete and submit the online certified application.  Please make sure you applied for the job by viewing the Manage Jobs section in your Workspace. After your application is submitted, if you are interest in a teaching position at any location, please contact the Human Resources Office (501-447-1101) and request a prescreening.

    Will I be interviewed personally? Yes. The initial interview will be conducted by the director of Human Resources or an appointee. Interviews with building principals and others, depending upon the nature of the position and area of responsibility, may be required. Most interviews will be conducted at the time prior to identifying specific teaching vacancies. A representative from the district will travel to a limited number of colleges and universities outside the Little Rock area. Placement offices at those schools will release information regarding these on-campus interviews.

    What do you look for when hiring teachers? As we consider applicants for teaching positions, we observe enthusiasm, communication skills and voice, self-esteem, grooming, energy level, positive attitude, and flexibility. We also look for demonstrated academic competence in their areas of preparation. Your evaluation as an applicant will be drawn from both subjective and objective observations; much of the subjective evaluation will come from the personal interview and references, and objective evaluations will be drawn from your application and transcripts.

    If not hired for a given position, will I be considered for the next vacancy? Several qualified candidates are often considered for a single vacancy. Obviously, only one can be selected for a specific vacant position, and it is possible that one of those candidates not initially selected will be hired to fill the next vacancy. However, it is the applicant's responsibility to apply for the position of interest.

    After completing my application and interviewing, can I do anything else to increase my chances for being hired? No. The process is intended to allow all candidates equal access to employment opportunities. To accomplish this goal, applicant strategy cannot become a part of the selection process. As candidates are identified when vacancies occur, the administrative staff recommends applicants whose qualifications seem well suited to the particular position under consideration. Making direct, personal contact with heads of departments, building principals or others is not encouraged.

    How long will my application remain active? All online applications will remain active  for ONE YEAR from the date of application or until an applicant changes the status on his or her online application.  An applicant can update his/her online application by updating information and resubmitting the application. The online application must be submitted sucessfully for the updates to be recognized.

    All new employees are required to satisfy a criminal background check.