Register with VIPS

  • BLUE ViPS logo.jpg All Little Rock School District parents and volunteers are encouraged to register with ViPS.

    Registration guarantees you the most up-to-date information about volunteer and parental involvement opportunities - without obligation.  

    When you register, you will have password access to report your service and send and receive messages to the ViPS office. If you plan to volunteer in a school working with students, a ViPS application will be required.

    Initial registration is needed in order for parents and volunteers to use the general online services.  You will receive an e-mail from the ViPS staff once your account has been activated. 


    Most volunteer placements require a background screening.  New applicants should complete a Volunteer Application.  (This is an additional process after you have registered online.) Once you have completed the application, forward it to the ViPS office:

    Volunteers in Public Schools
    616 N. Harrison Street
    Little Rock, AR  72205

    The ViPS office is located on the second floor in the Fair Park Early Childhood Center.  

    Faxes or photocopies will NOT be accepted.

    badges.jpg Once the application process is complete you will receive a badge identifying you as a volunteer that has been vetted according to ViPS-LRSD standards.  If you have an application on file and would like a ViPS badge, please notify us.

    FAQs for Volunteers

    May I volunteer? 

    Anyone volunteering at any LRSD school must be vetted by the Volunteers in Public Schools (ViPS) office, prior to placement.  ViPS’ policy and procedural guidelines must be followed when utilizing volunteers in LRSD schools.

    National and FBI screenings are not conducted through ViPS. Volunteers should not be placed in any assignment that requires Federal Bureau of Investigation and/or national background checks on the individual. Volunteers vetted through ViPS do not meet the Arkansas Department of Education rules governing background checks for those individuals serving as substitute teachers.

    What are the background check requirements for volunteers?

    LRSD policy requires individuals wishing to serve as general volunteers to complete the Arkansas Criminal and Central Registry background checks prior to any volunteer placement.

    Background Checks for Volunteers

    A person wishing to volunteer may not perform volunteer services requiring a ViPS background check until a clear background check is received by the District.

    For the purposes of this policy, “clear background check” for a volunteer* means that:

    A background check was performed on the potential school volunteer in accordance with A.C.A. §§ 12-12-1601 et seq.; The potential school volunteer has not committed any of the crimes or offenses contained in A.C.A. §§ 6-17-410, 6-17-411 or 6-17-414 according to the Arkansas Criminal background check; and the potential school volunteer’s name was not found on the Child Abuse Central Registry.

    * National and FBI screenings are not conducted through ViPS. Volunteers should not be placed in any assignment that requires Federal Bureau of Investigation and national background checks. ViPS vetted volunteers have not met the requirements of those required for substitute teachers.