• The information below can be used as a tool to help you plan a parent, school, and community involvement event.


    · Collaborates with committees to decide on location of event
    · Contacts the principal of the school to get approval, asks for staff support for the planning and day of event
    · Discusses expectations and logistics of event with the school principal and staff
    · Follows up with a memo to school principal
    · Coordinates efforts to assign volunteers to each committee (one chair for each committee)
    · Follow -up with each committee chair to make sure they are on schedule and is available and on site on the day of the institute
    · Provides the welcome and closing
    · Coordinates communications between committees if needed
    · Sends a thank you letter to the school principal and staff, presenters, donors, committee members, etc.
    · Contacts departments and/or organizations to set up booths that would compliment the Parent Institute (could have Exhibits Committee)
    · Prepares and mails reminder letters to departments/organizations that would like to set up booths

    · Prepares workshop schedule
    · Contacts potential presenters and keynote speakers
    · Gathers checklists (presenter/keynote speaker names, title of workshop, grade category, AV needs, room set up needs and available times)
    · Meets with coordinators to decide what classrooms will be used
    · Assigns workshops to time slots and room numbers
    · Contacts people to serve as facilitators
    · Prepares nametags for presenters and keynote speakers
    · Prepares and mails reminder letters to presenters, keynote speakers and facilitators
    · Prepares and mails thank you notes to presenters, keynote speakers and facilitators
    · Gathers tokens of appreciation for presenters, keynote speakers and facilitators
    · Develops signage for the workshops (and directional signage) and puts them on the correct classroom before the start of each workshop
    · Prepares workshop descriptions for packet
    · Prepares classrooms according to the presenters needs
    · Prepares evaluation tool for each workshop (give to facilitators to pass out at the end of each workshop)
    · Greets and escorts presenters, keynote speakers and facilitators to their rooms
    · Cleans and organizes rooms back to their original setup

    · Contacts vendors to supply food and drinks  (cafeteria at schools are good resource for providing refreshments)
    · Develops a menu of what will be offered
    · Gathers all utensils, paper products and other supplies that will be needed
    · Prepares and mails letter to chosen vendor to remind them of the agreement
    · Gathers door prizes
    · Finds, sets up and takes down the decorations for the event
    · Brings food to the children
    · Prepares (or coordinates) the food/drinks throughout the conference
    · Cleans up after breakfast and breaks

    · Coordinates incoming registrations
    · Prepares participant list and nametags
    · Prepares participant folders
    · Gathers all supplies needed for registration (pens, blank name tags, money box, tablecloths etc&)
    · Communicates with other committees on the number of participants on a regular basis
    · Develops registration plan for registered participants and on-site registration
    · Prepares registration table the day of the institute
    · Makes a sign-in sheet for people who register on site

    · Prepares equipment needed for translations
    · Hires interpreters
    · Translates all flyers, posters and materials into Spanish and other languages as needed
    · Is available on site and specifically at registration for translation
    · Make sure translation is available for childcare

    · Communicates with LRSD or Laidlaw transportation on pickup schedule and locations for participants