2023-2024 School-Based Mental Health Providers


    Our mission is to empower clients by highlighting the importance of acceptance and acknowledging one’s current situation through areas for improvement. Ultimately, we strive for our clients to acknowledge potential strengths and enhance personal growth through acceptance and a holistic approach of various skills. By learning skills and improving on targeted problem areas, the capability for personal growth and ongoing improved functioning will be increased. The client’s goals, and improved daily functioning, will lead all therapeutic decisions.  


    Arkansas Holistic Therapy (AHT) is an outpatient behavioral health agency committed to providing quality services to children, youth, adults, and families in Arkansas. Our holistic model focuses on a 360 approach to wellness. We offer school-based and outpatient mental health services that are grounded in goal setting, equity, building upon strengths, and communication. Our partnership with various community organizations makes us uniquely positioned to provide accessible services, resources, and support to our clients. 



    Centers for Youth and Families offers Mental Health Evaluation/Diagnosis, individual Psychotherapy and family Psychotherapy. Centers’ providers will participate in staffing and meetings regarding their clients whenever invited or requested as often as scheduling permits. These meetings include but are not limited to parent-teacher conferences, referral conferences, IEP meetings, annual reviews, and discipline conferences or hearings when appropriate. Participation will occur with parent or guardian’s permission as evidenced by the signed release of information. In addition, communication including Centers providers must be relevant to the client’s behavior, mental health diagnosis and/or treatment, or utilized in the development of plans, strategies, and techniques for working effectively to improve functioning and ameliorate symptoms.



    LSCI offers a range of services and options will be discussed following an assessment of the need for mental health services. Services include: Individual mental health counseling, Group therapy, Family therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication management, Psychological testing, Substance abuse counseling and groups, Support groups, School linked therapy services, mental health paraprofessional intervention, Crisis intervention/Stabilization and Referrals to supportive services and community resources.


    LIVING HOPE SOUTHEAST 501-663-5473

    Living Hope offers intensive behavioral health treatment for seriously emotionally disturbed children and adolescents in public school settings across Central Arkansas. Through collaboration and coordination with local school districts, students have access to an array of professional and para-professional services without leaving their school campus. School administrators work with Living Hope Southeast to provide a safe and confidential setting for clients to receive intensive services from our psychiatrists, therapists, and case managers. Through this school partnership, Living Hope is able to ensure the safety and success of its clients with minimal disruption to their normal educational activities.


    METHODIST FAMILY HEALTH 501-661-0720 (Main)

    Little Rock Counseling Clinic 501-537-3991

    Methodist Family Health offers outpatient treatment services in communities all across the state. Venues of care include community counseling clinics, school-based counseling services, day treatment programs and specialized services such as Kaleidoscope Grief Center.


    P.A.T CENTER 870-534-4900 (Pine Bluff, Arkansas)

    Little Rock Clinic 501-265-0302

    NLR Clinic 501-353-1414

    The P.A.T. (People Advocating Transition) Center offers an array of outpatient services which include: In Home Counseling, Community Rehabilitation, Individual Outpatient Therapy, Anger Management, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, School Based Services, Substance Abuse Group, Sexual Abuse Group and more. Referrals are accepted from parents, DHS, schools, courts, and other child care agencies.



    Pinnacle Pointe Behavioral HealthCare has provided mental health services to families in Arkansas and surrounding states since 1991. They specialize in programs for children ages 5-17 with individualized treatment for each child. Their mission is to provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment and believe that early intervention is key to a child’s success. Some of their services include inpatient services - acute and residential, outpatient services, community-based services, day treatment school, and professional and community education.


    REAL PRACTICES, INC. (RPI)  501-663-1837 

    Provides exceptional and professional outpatient counseling services to individuals and families. RPI Behavioral Health serves children (over the age of 4), adolescents and adults with a wide range of emotional and mental health concerns. It is our goal at RPI Behavioral Health that we provide a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential environment where the clients and families feel connected and supported. Bilingual in Spanish. 


    THERAPEUTIC FAMILY SERVICES 501-332-4402 (Malvern Offices)

    Mabelvale, Arkansas 501-753-8400

    Participants are assessed by clinically trained staff to ascertain a mental health diagnosis. THS mental health clinicians partner with participants to develop a treatment plan that addresses the participant’s individual needs. THS mental health clinicians determine if the participant needs a referral to other services THS has to offer, such as individual, group and family Counseling. THS mental health clinicians address the appropriate modality of counseling the participant needs. Services like counseling and case management are provided through outreach to and engagement with the participant’s school.


    UAMS/PRI STRIVE 501-771-8261

    Counseling services are conducted by trained clinicians (most are Master's level) and supervised by licensed clinicians (LMHC). Services are available in-home individual and family therapy, in-school assessment, individual and /or group therapy and consultation. Individual therapy is available as needed to enhance treatment of the client. Services also include behavioral system reconstruction.



    Pine Bluff 870-534-3386

    Little Rock 501-244-0062

    Little Rock 501-376-0111

    This agency provides individual, group, and family therapy to juveniles and their families referred by the court system, as well as aftercare clients, as designated. All services are delivered by qualified, licensed mental health professionals. The purpose of the program is to provide individuals and families an outlet for addressing issues that affect their level of functioning in the community. Consultation with the referral source is also provided, as needed.