• "The mission of the FP LMC is to provide a nurturing environment that promotes the love of reading and life-long learning while maintaining a collection that suits the technological, informational, and recreational needs of all our patrons!"

    Though our new school year will look a little different this year, I am still committed to implementing a library program that cultivates a love for reading and grows strong readers! 

    Click the Forest Park Ready to Learn Plan link below to get a glimpse of what the library program will look like this year! 

    Please, also, remember to click the link to the left to read Forest Park Library Media Center (FP LMC) Newsletters!  It's a great way to find out what's happening in your FP LMC Program!

    I can't wait to share amazing reading adventures in the Forest Park Library Media Center and in the Schoology Library Course with your little bookworms! 

    Michelle Graves,                    
    Library Media Specialist 


    Forest Park Library Media Center 2021-2022 Covid-19 Ready to Learn Plan 


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