Pulaski Heights

Middle School

Little Rock School District

  • Pulaski Heights Middle School Building


    Pulaski Heights Middle School

    401 N Pine, Little Rock, AR 72205


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    1. We believe that PHMS should teach every student in every classroom to become responsible, productive, and respectful citizens.
    2. We believe that a good school is one that is desirable for all stakeholders, offers a safe, unbiased environment, and creates life-long, independent learners.
    3. We believe that a successful student is a confident and self-directed learner who can apply what they have learned as they transition through life.
    4. We believe that an effective classroom is one in which all students feel confident and safe to be actively engaged in the learning process.
    5. We believe a good school member is one who maintains high expectations, values all students and staff, and demonstrates by example the values and beliefs of the school.
    6. We believe an effective school faculty is one that works together cooperatively, maintains consistently high expectations, and openly communicates and builds positive relationships with all stakeholders.
    7. We believe that a quality instructional program includes rigor, relevance, and respect for all to build academic, social, and life skills.


    The PHMS Family is a Community where students are our number one priority.


    The PHMS Family is committed to building positive relationships and providing a safe, supportive learning environment where learners will benefit from consistent high standards, engaging instruction, and strong community support as they develop into independent, caring, productive young adults able to successfully face life’s challenges.