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  • Pinnacle View Middle School

    5701 Ranch Drive
    Little Rock, AR 72223

    Telephone: 501-447-8500
    Fax: 501-447-8501

    Principal: Dr. Jay Pickering
    Enrollment: 840
    Grade Levels: 2017 Grades 6-7
    2018 Grades 6-8

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    Dear Sky Hawk Families,

    Thank you for responding to the LRSD Technology Survey. You are receiving this email because you expressed a need for technology. The district has created a plan to assist you. Families must pick up student devices from their assigned school and

    Pick Up Date

    Monday, April 6th


    6th Grade: 9-11 am

    7th Grade: 11-12:30 pm

    8th Grade: 12:30-2 pm

    As always, we will help you with your pick-up time, if needed. 

     The Online Hand Receipt to accept responsibility for the device

    MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE the pick-up date

    Click the link to complete the form:


    Pick Up Location

    Devices may be picked up at the school in which your child attends.


    Please follow the steps below in order to pick up the device.

    REMINDER: You will not be able to come in the building. A staff member will bring a device to your car.

    1. Complete the online Hand Receipt to accept responsibility for the Chromebook/iPad BEFORE

    April 6, 2020. Just click the link

     2. Upon arriving at the school, please DO NOT get out of your car.

     3. Call the main office phone of the school and give them your name and the names of your student(s). 

     4. An LRSD staff member will verify that that the Hand Receipt has been completed.

     5. Once verified, staff member will place the device along with the following information in the trunk of your vehicle

    • how to obtain WiFi

    • how to log on to the Chromebook

    • how to use Classlink

    6. If for some reason you cannot come, please try to make arrangements for a representative to come for you. You will need to email Jay Pickering with your authorized pick up person.  This person will be the responsible party. 

     Phone:  501-447-8502       Email at

    7. Pick Up Contact:  Jay Pickering     Phone:  501-447-8502       Email at

    Edmentum Plan and Chromebook/WiFi Information:

    The Little Rock School District will continue utilizing Alternate Methods of Instruction while buildings are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The method of delivery for instruction will transition fully online in the coming days. Starting Tuesday, April 7th all students that are not currently enrolled in AP/Concurrent classes in 6-12 grade will begin using an online course and curriculum program called Edmentum Courseware to complete their AMI work for math, English, science and social studiesGrades for the 4th nine weeks will be given based on AMI work assigned.  Grades and credits for all other courses will be assigned based on your students’ 3rd 9-weeks grades.  Students should check with their teachers about any missing assignments from the 3rd 9 weeks and turn those in immediately. 

    By utilizing Edmentum for core courses – math, English, science and social studies – all students in LRSD will be provided equitable access to core content during school closure. Your student can access Edmentum anywhere that internet access is available. Edmentum has site-wide security features in place to protect your student’s personal information.  For technical support, please feel free to contact the Courseware Support Team at 800-447-5286 or

    As students and teachers transition to full virtual instruction, student engagement is vital.  The switch will not be easy for all students, and they will need support from both home and the school.   Your child will be contacted by teachers at least three times per week.  This contact will be in the form of an email, phone call, or video conferencing.  You can support instruction by ensuring your student is logging in daily, attending virtual sessions offered by their teacher(s) and are completing coursework in a timely manner.  Set a schedule with your student that includes time for you to check that they are working on their assignments daily.

    Student Support Services

    Student services such as Dyslexia, special needs, Gifted and Talented, Occupational Therapy and speech will continue to be provided virtually.  Information will be shared with affected students from their teacher(s).

     Using Edementum from Home

    Edmentum is completely web-based, which allows students to access the program from any computer with an internet connection and a standard web browser. Unit activity results are automatically recorded for teacher review, including results from activities completed outside of school.

    The program consists of courses, and each course is broken up into units. Each unit has activities like pretests, tutorials, practice activities, discussion posts, mastery tests, and posttests.

    If your student needs additional support getting logged in and navigating key areas of the program from home, we’ve included instructions here.

    Students: Follow the instructions below to access the program from home.

    1.  Go to:

    2. Enter your Username (Student#), and Password (Birth-date plus first letter of your first Name in this format ...YYYYMMDDF)

    3. Log in to your Edmentum Account.

    4. On the home page you will see a list of Active Assignments.

    5. Access your courses under Active Assignments by clicking on the All Activities button found on the bottom left of a course card.

    6. Once inside a course, you can View Instructions, filter activities by progress, and click on individual assignments to begin and/or complete work.

     A video of these steps can be viewed at:

     Students: Follow the instructions below to access reports and review your progress.

    1. To view reports, navigate to the top bar of your account and click on the All My Work button.

    2. From the All My Work section, you can create a portfolio report or a progress report.

    3. Create a portfolio report by clicking on the Create Portfolio Report button found on the left-hand side of the page.

    4. Create a progress report by clicking on Create Progress Report button found under each course card.

     A video of these steps as well as tips for students can be viewed at:

     The Little Rock School District takes the safety and well-being of our students and staff very seriously. As the state of Arkansas continues to address the COVID-19 virus, we understand parents’ concerns and want to provide as much information as possible. We ask that you refer to our district website for the most current information and plans regarding COVID-19.

    How to Sign-In to Chromebooks

    Students must use their LRSD Google Accounts in order to access the LRSD resources.

    Username – (6 digit Student ID#)

    Password – YYYYMMDDC –   20040829T
    Birthdate: 4-digit year, 2-digit month, 2-digit day + First Initial or your child’s name, Capital Letter

    ClassLink (Sign-In Above) houses all the LRSD apps that students need to access educational portals for school work.  Ex: Edmentum, Google Classroom, It’sLearning etc.

    ClassLink Sign-In Information:

    ClassLink Image  WiFi Options

    Proposal for Internet/WiFi from AT&T:

     We will continue to offer internet access for qualifying limited income households at $10 per month through our Access from AT&T program. We’ve expanded eligibility to Access from AT&T to households participating in the National School Lunch Program and Head Start. Additionally, we’re offering new Access from AT&T customers two months of free service.

    Visit for complete information and to apply. 

    Proposal for Internet/WiFi from Xfinity/Comcast:

    Comcast offers two months of free Internet Essentials for qualified Arkansans as a response to COVID-19.  Please see link below. 

    Connecting to Wi-Fi on the Chromebook

     Spectrum 1-8444-488-8398

    WiFi Spectrum Company

     Comcast:  Internet Essentials Program

     WiFi Comcast



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