LR Southwest Magnet

High School - Little Rock School District

9715 Mabelvale Pike, Little Rock


  • Principal: Marvin Burton

    9715 Mabelvale Pike 
    Mabelvale, AR  72103

    Fax: 501-447-9101

    LRSD Southwest High will be a state-of-the-art high school campus covering 400,000 square feet of academic and athletic space and is slated to open in the fall of 2020 to students from JA Fair and McClellan high schools.  This will be the district’s first high school to be built in over 50 years, and will be the new flagship high school for the state’s capitol city. The high school will combine the student populations of J.A. Fair and McClellan high schools, for a total student count of over 2000. 

  •  Senior Pictures


    Senior Pictures will be taken on October 19th & October 20th during English class times. There will be no make up picture day for Seniors. Seniors will need to be prepared to take pictures on their scheduled day. If you attend school virtually, your picture time is the same as your in-person counterparts. Virtual students will need to follow the schedule below for picture taking days and times. 

    In efforts to keep students properly distanced and keep the lines short, below is a schedule of when each English 4 and CBI teachers will take their students for pictures. 


    October 19th (A Day)

    (A1) 8:55-Blackwell & Wilbon 

    (A1) 9:25-Wilson

    (A2) 10:42-Wilson & Wilbon

    (A2) 11:10-Jennings

    (A3) 12:55-Wilson Jennings

    (A3) 1:25-Threatt & Howse

    (A4) 2:30-Love & Wheaton-Moore

    (A4) 2:50-Jennings & Howse


    October 20th (B Day)

    (B1) 8:55-Wilson & Jennings

    (B1) 9:25-Howse

    (B2) 10:42-Jennings & Wilbon

    (B2) 11:10-Threatt

    (B3) 12:55-Kieffer

    (B4) 2:30-Jennings & Wilbon

    (B4) 2:50-Howse


    If you should have any questions or concerns please reach out to Karisa Allmon, 12th grade Assistant Principal, at 501-447-9113 or Justin Turner, Yearbook Advisor at 501-447-9332. 


    Little Rock Southwest Ready for Learning Packet

    Listo Para School Plan De Aprendizaje-Espanol