Weather -Related Update for LRSD Schools, Wed., March 4

Updated 11:20 a.m.


Due to the potential for inclement weather later this afternoon, all afterschool activities have been cancelled.  CARE will also be closed.

However, based upon the latest information we have received from the National Weather Service, it appears that we will be able to complete the regular school day, so no decision has been made to dismiss schools today.

Should that change, we will notify you via ParentLink, LRSD TV,, Facebook and Twitter.


LRSD Superintendent Dr. Dexter Suggs and the LRSD transportation team are monitoring weather developments and we will keep you posted of any updates.


Hope you have a great day!

Pamela Smith, LRSD Communications Director



Update Regarding LRSD Civic Advisory Committee

Due to inclement weather last week, the meeting of state legislators to select zone representatives for the Little Rock School District Civic Advisory Committee was delayed.  State senators and representatives from LRSD boundaries will now convene Monday, March 16, 2015, 3:30 p.m. to select seven (7) regional representatives consisting of parents and community members who reside in the seven (7) zones within the LRSD.  In addition, the committee of elected representatives and senators from the LRSD boundaries will select (1) philanthropic organization serving the Little Rock School District to serve on the LRSD Civic Advisory Committee.  Legislators will select representatives from among the names that were previously submitted by the deadline of February 20, 2015.

Each principal from the six academically distressed schools in LRSD has also been requested to select two (2) students and two (2) teachers who will represent the six academically distressed schools to serve on the LRSD Civic Advisory Committee.  

The final list of twelve (12) committee members will be posted to the LRSD website.

Civic Advisory Committee Roles and Responsibilities

LRSD Civic Advisory Committee

The LRSD Civic Advisory Committee will meet monthly on the third Tuesday of each month from 5:00-6:00 p.m. in the Little Rock School District Administration Building, 810 W. Markham, to review the progress of the LRSD in meeting established goals to be removed from state authority.  The LRSD Civic Advisory Committee will make recommendations for communication of data to the general public and stakeholders of the LRSD.   Additional electronic meetings may be held at the discretion of the superintendent.

LRSD Superintendent and LRSD Staff

The superintendent and LRSD staff will make presentations of data to the LRSD Civic Advisory Committee for consideration.  The LRSD will provide staff support to the committee.  A written agenda and minutes of each meeting will be posted monthly on the LRSD website.  Transportation of the student committee members will be provided by the district.  No stipend, salary, fees, membership, or travel reimbursement will be provided to committee members.


6 LRSD Schools Recognized as Most Improved Schools (2009 to 2014)

The Office of Education Policy at the University of Arkansas recognized five LRSD schools in its Outstanding Educational Performance Awards: Highlighting High Achieving Arkansas Schools, which recognized the most improved schools from 2009 to 2014 based on Benchmark and End-of-Course (EOC) exams. LRSD is proud to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of students and faculty at the following schools:

1. Wilson Elementary School — Ranked 4th in the state and 3rd in Central Arkansas in Mathematics with an improvement from 40% Proficient/Advanced to 63% and  3rd in the state in Literacy with an improvement from 58% Proficient/Advanced to 87%

2. Terry Elementary School — Ranked 9th in the state and 5th in Central Arkansas in Mathematics with an improvement from 62% Proficient/Advanced to 80%

3. J.A. Fair High School — Ranked 10th in the state and 4th in Central Arkansas for EOC Algebra with an improvement from 20% Proficient/Advanced to 42%

4. Mabelvale Middle School — Ranked 3rd in the state and 2nd in Central Arkansas for EOC Algebra with an improvement from 86% Proficient/Advanced to 100%

5. Henderson Middle School — Ranked 8th in the state and 4th in Central Arkansas for EOC Algebra with an improvement from 79% Proficient/Advanced to 86%

6. Central High School — Ranked 2nd in Central Arkansas for Grade 11 Literacy with an improvement from 64% Proficient/Advanced to 79%

To view the full report, click here.

LRSD Budget Efficiency Advisory Committee Members Announced

In a joint announcement Friday, February 27, 2015,  Interim Little Rock School District Superintendent Dr. Dexter Suggs and long-time education advocate Baker Kurrus shared the names of members of the newly established LRSD Budget Efficiency Advisory Committee. Under the direction of Kurrus, who was appointed by Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner Tony Wood, these members will be charged with assisting the District in a review of its finances and developing a plan to achieve long-term stability. Members are:

  • Roger Ball
  • Baker Kurrus
  • Bruce Moore
  • Peggy Nabors
  • Bobby Roberts
  • Verma Simmons
  • Steve Strickland

Committee members will also make recommendations to the Superintendent of the Little Rock School District and the Arkansas Commissioner of Education (acting in the role of school board), which are designed to balance the Little Rock School District budget in support of the District's long-term financial stability.   The committee will endeavor to recommend actions which allow the District to meet its goals as outlined in its Strategic Plan.


Moms Matter Facebook Contest Extended with New Rules

Moms: Visit with your child’s teacher and enter our Facebook Contest to win an iPad mini and other great prizes!

NEW PHOTO RULES: Moms/female guardians enter by taking a photo with your child’s teacher in the classroom or taking a photo with you and your child doing an educational activity and uploading it to the Moms Matter Facebook Contest February 25- March 4. Moms are encouraged to meet with the child’s teacher by appointment.

PREFERRED ENTRY METHODS (FACEBOOK ): Please use the Moms Matter APP ( click on “use APP” button in profile pic, or Moms Matter icon under APPS section) or go to

Or use #LRSDmom on Twitter, Instagram (public profiles only) or the post pinned at the top of our Facebook page. #LRSDmom METHOD requires an email to with the following information: 
1) Mom/Female guardian name 2) Twitter or Instagram handle used to enter contest in the subject line 3) mom’s email address to be used to invite winners to luncheon 4) valid phone number 5) school name

The iPad Mini goes to entry with the most votes. The top 50 are invited to a luncheon on Thursday, Mar. 12. PLEASE NOTE: Facebook and Instagram likes, Twitter re-tweest/favorites are not votes. One vote per Facebook user per day.
To vote or enter you must like the LRSD Facebook page.

Dele un click aqui para la versión en Español.

Photos and/or captions containing inappropriate content will be disqualified.  To be eligible for prizes moms/female guardians must have student(s) enrolled in the LRSD and follow all contest rules including entry method rules for #LRSDmom entries. The photo should be taken at the studen’ts school. The administrator reserves the right to remove entries and change entry and voting deadlines.

LRSD Statement in Response to State Board of Education Action

During a hearing Wednesday, the State Board of Education  voted to immediately remove the Little Rock School District Board of Directors, place the district under state authority, and appoint Dr. Dexter Suggs as interim superintendent of the nearly 25,000 student district.  The move comes in the wake of a series of meetings between the district and the State Board of  Education regarding six LRSD schools labeled as "academically distressed."

Following the meeting, Dr. Suggs issued a brief statement assuring parents and students that the focus would remain the same - that all children receive a quality education.  "We will continue to put children first, continue to move with a sense of urgency and continue to engage all sectors of the community.  It will take all of us working together to transform the Little Rock School District," he said.

Additionally, the State Board of Education issued this statement:

"The State Board of Education and the Arkansas Department of Education want to assure students, parents, and employees of the Little Rock School District that the district mission of providing educational opportunity for students will continue with district operations as scheduled. Buses will run, classes will be in session, lunch will be served, and the needs of the students will be met. The fundamental change in regard to the action taken by the State Board of Education is that the governance and the administration of the district will now be the responsibility of the Department of Education."

"We have a great deal of responsibility and there will be no excuses.  Failure will not be an option," Dr. Suggs added.

Dr. Suggs will hold a follow-up news conference Thursday morning.  We will provide additional information on the website and Facebook page. 

Lady Tiger Named LRSD Athlete of the Month

Central's Kiara Williams, LRSD Athlete of the Month

When her parents told Little Rock Central High junior Kiara Williams to shoot for the moon, she did.  This talented young basketball player has represented her school and team well, earning the highly coveted Downtown Tipoff Club's Arvest Outstanding Player award.  A 6' forward,  Kiara is a well-respected member of Central's Girls basketball team, averaging 14 points per game and giving her the distinction of being one of  the best players in the state.  She can now add the designation of being named LRSD Athlete of the Month for January. 

Open Enrollment for LRSD's 2015-16 School Year Now Underway


Monday, January 26, 2015 begins the two week open enrollment period for the Little Rock School District - January 26-February 6.  The first week will occur in the Family Life Center at St. Mark Baptist Church, 5722 W. 12th - during which time the Student Registration Office (SRO) will be closed.  The second week will be held at the SRO, 501 Sherman St.


In order to streamline the process, eliminate the possibility of long lines, and improve the customer service experience for patrons, SRO has implemented new plans for the first week at St. Mark.


Because the largest number of new students seeking enrollment are P3 and P4 (3-4-year-olds), SRO has designated Monday and Tuesday, January 26-27, for P3 and P4 students who do not have any siblings.  Wednesday is designated for P3 and P4 students who have siblings grades K-12. Thursday, K-12 students with no siblings are encouraged to register.  Friday is open to all grades.


The second week, February 2-6, the open enrollment process will return to the SRO at 501 Sherman for all students, regardless of grade.


Those who are new to the district are also requested to adhere to the schedule above.  Students who have not moved, have not changed addresses, or who are not seeking admission to a LRSD magnet school or academy (Geyer Springs Gifted and Talented Academy or Forest Heights STEM Academy) do not have to do anything and will automatically roll up at their assigned school.


Board Unanimously Approves Proposed Facilities Plan

In a unanimous vote during Thursday night’s board meeting, the Little Rock School District Board of Directors approved the formation of a Millage Committee and the administration's proposed list of improvements.

Roberts Elementary Town Hall Meeting Postponed

The Town Hall Meeting scheduled for Monday, January 26, 2015 at Roberts Elementary is postponed.  We will advise you when the date is rescheduled.  

LRSD Open Enrollment is Jan. 26 - Feb. 6

It’s time to register for the 2015-16 school year.  Open Enrollment for the Little Rock School District is January 26 - February 6, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The first week, January 26 - 30, will be at St. Mark Baptist Church, 5722 W. 12th St. The Student Registration building will be closed this week. New rules will apply at St. Mark, with specific days assigned to specific grade levels. Click here to view the schedule chart.

Booker Educator Named One of Four Amazing Educators

Courtesy of Little Rock Family Magazine

Fueled by her deep love for teaching and education, Booker Arts Magnet Elementary teacher Dixie Fair, has been in the classroom for almost 28 years. For her commitment, Fair was recently named an “Amazing Educator” by Little Rock Family Magazine – one of only four to receive the coveted recognition.

Follow These Tips to Prevent the Flu

The Little Rock School District would like to provide you with tips to help keep your family healthy during flu season. While the district is not experiencing any issues related to the flu, in light of recent health developments across the country, you may want to review the following health tips. The best protection against the flu is getting a flu shot every year. Health officials remind us of these four tips, which if practiced daily are the best defense to keep yourself and your family well:

  1. wash your hands frequently
  2. use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing; if a tissue is not available cough/sneeze into your arm not your hands
  3. avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  4. avoid physical contact with anyone who displays symptoms

New Public Education Foundation Members Introduced at Board Meeting

The new board members of the Public Education Foundation (PEF) were introduced at the December 18, 2014 LRSD school board meeting.  Foundation members will work closely with the district to provide support for students and staff. 

In addition to promoting a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the academic performance of our students, the PEF is also responsible for the introduction of an annual signature event known as "Academic Signing Day" - similar to athletic signing days, but focuses on the academic success of the district's students. 

2014-2015 Testing Schedule

Please be advised of the following test dates:

Dates                                                    Assessment
December 15-19                                  Math (grade 2)
January 20-21                                      Mid-Year EOC Biology Exam
January 20-23                                      Math (grades 3- 5)
January 26-30                                      Literacy (grades 3- 5)
TBD                                                        Math and Literacy (grades 6-11)
January 26-March 6                            NAEP Assessment for selected schools
March 3                                                 ACT Exam (grade 11)
March 9-11                                           PARCC Performance Based Assessments (grades 3-8)
March 11-17                                         PARCC Performance Based Assessments (grades 9-10 & EOC)
March 16-May 1                                   English Language Development Assessment
March 5-6                                             Science Alternate Portfolios Due (grades 5, 7, & 10)
March 30-May 15                                 National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC)
                                                                Alternate Assessment (grades 3-8 & 11)
April 7-9                                                Iowa Test of Basic Skills (grades 1-2)
April 14-15                                            Benchmark Science Exam (grades 5 & 7)
April 28-29                                            EOC Biology Exam
April 29- April 30                                  PARCC End Of Year Assessments (grades 3-8)
April 30-May 6                                      PARCC End Of Year Assessments (grades 9-10 & EOC)

Tips You Can Use to Help Your Child Have a Successful Testing Experience!
Make sure your child . . .

  1. Gets plenty of rest the night before the test.
  2. Eats a good breakfast the day of the test.
  3. Feels confident about taking the test because of constant encouragement from you.
  4. Is present everyday during testing.
  5. Has a pleasant home environment free of unnecessary stressors.
  6. Knows you’re thinking about him/her as you wish him/her good luck as he/she leaves for school.

Six LRSD Elementary Schools Named Reward Schools for 2014


LRSD Top 10% Schools
Forest Park Elementary School: $36,783.69
Gibbs Magnet School of International Studies and Foreign Languages: $23,580
Roberts Elementary School: $81,577.38
Terry Elementary School: $33,239.77
Williams Traditional Magnet Elementary School: $36,630

LRSD Top 20% School
Jefferson Elementary School: $18,382.80

Three LRSD Secondary Schools Lauded for “Beating the Odds”

The Office of Education Policy (OEP) recognized Dunbar Magnet Middle School and J.A. Fair and McClellan High Schools as “High Achieving Schools Serving Low-Income Communities” for student performance on various math and science End-of-Course (EOC) exams.

The Little Rock School District proudly salutes the students and staff at Dunbar, Fair and McClellan for beating the odds and being recognized as “High Achieving Schools Serving Low-Income Communities.”

LRSD Security Officer Teams with Music Co. to Help Students

When Little Rock School District Safety and Security Officer Chad Henson signed on at Jefferson Elementary School, he knew he wanted to make a difference in the lives of students. Recalling his love for music and the role it played in helping him during his formative years, he decided that he wanted to help Jefferson students develop that same passion. There was one problem - the students, to whom he wanted to introduce music, didn't have instruments, nor did they have the means to acquire them. Henson contacted the non-profit organization Art Porter Music Education, Inc. (APME) for help.

The request aligned perfectly with APME's mission - to provide scholarships and to enhance reading, language and mathematical skills and other learning experiences" for students through music. The non-profit assisted another aspiring music student at Jefferson in acquiring a violin and music lessons in 2012.

Through its significant contacts in the community, APME developed a plan with partner Saied Music Company in North Little Rock.   In business since 1946, Saied's manager says it was a natural partnership and a win-win for his company, APME and the students at Jefferson.

"We've been a strong advocate for music in schools for many years," said Saied manager Pat Bowles. "Our company believes that music education is important - it helps students with their core curriculum, including improving math and literacy scores - really in all aspects of life."

"We are thankful to Mr. Bowles and Saied Music Company for allowing the students to use the instruments free of charge. We are equally excited that our Safety and Security Officer, Mr. Henson, has volunteered to teach the students music lessons," said Principal Roberta Mannon. "It demonstrates that while all of our employees may not be assigned to our campus as educators, they understand that the role of teaching and mentoring goes well beyond the classroom."

LRSD CFO Kelsey Bailey Honored as CFO of the Year Finalist

Colleagues of LRSD CFO Kelsey Bailey joined other well-wishers during his recognition as a finalist for CFO of the Year. Bailey was among an elite group of top financial managers honored by Arkansas Business Publishing Group recently  at the Embassy Suites Hotel. We're proud of you, Mr. Bailey. And, yes, You are Our CFO of the Year!!!!!

Click here to read Mr. Bailey's article published by Arkansas Business.