ACT Predictor Testing for 8th and 10th Graders Tues., Oct. 30


Eighth and 10th Graders should be well rested and eat breakfast for ACT Predictor Testing on Tuesday, October 30, 2012.


Explore is the 8th grade predictor ACT which helps students do the following:


•               choose high school courses that will get them ready for college

•               find careers that match their interest

•               show the subject (s) in which the student needs to improve

•               identify which subjects are most important for certain careers


The four areas of testing are English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. Explore will be administered Tuesday, October 30.


PLAN is the 10th grade ACT predictor test which helps students understand their curriculum needs based on courses for a chosen field of study or career. PLAN helps students identify academic areas with the greatest need for improvement and serves as a midpoint measure for academic progress in ACT'S College and Career Readiness System. PLAN will also be administered on Tuesday, October 30, 2012. PLAN has a total composite score of 32. 


The Universal ACT is given during the junior year of High School; this test helps 11th graders prepare for scholarships and early admission into college. The Universal ACT will be administered on April 2, 2013. The total composite score is 36.


LRSD offers a number of ACT support programs including:

•               ACT prep classes in Literacy

•               ACT Readiness Program

•               ACT Career Academy

•               ACT school counselor advisement

•               Before school, after school and Saturday ACT prep classes

•               ACT parent nights

•               Core curriculum

•               Online ACT assistance

•               Study guides

•               Review scores from Explore, PLAN and Universal ACT to address specific areas of weakness

•               Review College Readiness Standards for English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and Writing


Go to for more information.


LRSD recommends the following:

•               Students, parents and counselors carefully review Explore (8th grade ACT) results as the students develop their high school schedules

•               Master Algebra I concepts

•               Students need to read daily

•               Review PLAN (10th grade ACT) results carefully to align interest with required courses for a chosen field of study or career

•               Master Geometry concepts

•               Take ACT the summer of your 10th grade, if possible, or upon completion of Algebra I, Geometry and Biology