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The Little Rock School District Board of Directors and the Superintendent are continuing to seek input about the direction The New Little Rock School District is taking, the reforms underway, and the future of the school district.

When and Where

Keeping Your Child from Getting Sick



Although district health administrators have not seen any cases of Enterovirus D68 at LRSD schools, we wanted to make sure parents were aware of any symptoms for which they need to be alert.  We are sharing tips from the Arkansas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. 

Announcing the Grandparents Day Sweepstakes, Sept. 8-12

The Grandparents Day Sweepstakes is now closed. Invitations for the Grandparents Day Sweepstakes Winner's Luncheon have been emailed to 50 randomly selected entrants. We'd like to thank all the grandparents who participated in the contest and Grandparents Day events at LRSD schools.

Grandparents Day is September 7 and the Little Rock School District is thrilled to announce the Grandparents Day Sweepstakes, September 8-12. Since about 1 in 10 children are now living in households headed by grandparents, the role of grandparents in a child’s education is very important. The Grandparents Day Sweepstakes is a celebration of everything you, as a grandparent, do to help LRSD students.

To enter the contest visit your grandchild’s school the week of September 8 -12,  snap a photo of you and your grandchild at school together and post it to Grandparents Day Sweepstakes contest page. Scroll down to view the instructions on the different ways to enter the contest.

Here’s the link for entering the sweepstakes and viewing the gallery: This link will be pinned to the top of the District’s Facebook page ( on September 8.

You’ll get bonus entries  when your Facebook friends also enter. This is a sweepstakes or random drawing so encouraging other grandparents to  participate and enter can help you win great prizes. Plus, we’ll randomly select 50 entries to honor at a special luncheon on September 19. Prizes include: Razorback Football tickets, family membership from the Museum of Discover, Arkansas State Fair admission for 4 with parking pass, Walmart gift cards, free gelato from ZAZA, free french fries from Big Orange, free haircuts from Washington Barber College and more to come. Prizes will be distributed at the luncheon.

Ways to Enter
1.    Desktop computer users may visit the Happy Grandparents Day tab, which can be found on the left side of the District’s Facebook page ( PLEASE NOTE: MOBILE USERS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW THE TAB.
2.    Use the woobox link: This method will work for mobile and desktop users. The woobox link will be pinned to the top of the District’s Facebook page ( on September 8.
3.    You may also enter the contest through Twitter or Instagram using #LRSDgrandparent in the caption of your photo. PLEASE NOTE: If you enter using #LRSDgrandparent, please email the following information to grandparent (s) name, email address and phone number, along with the Twitter or Instagram name used to enter the contest.

School Bus Safety Tips

To view the full list of student school bus safety tips, click here.

  • Arrive at the bus stops 10 minutes before bus time. Remember the driver is NOT PERMITTED to wait for students.
  • Stay 10 feet away from the front or back of the bus so that the bus driver can see you
  • Wait for the driver to signal you to board the bus. Never move towards the bus until it has stopped and the driver opens the door.
  • Before stepping off the curb to board the bus, look left and right to make sure your path to the bus is clear, especially if the bus is stopped.
  • Check that drawstrings, backpack straps, scarves and loose clothing cannot get caught on the bus handrails, door or seats.
  • Keep the aisles clear. Backpacks or books can block the way to the emergency exit.
  • Students should never use the rear emergency exit except upon the direction of the driver or other authority.
  • Do not leave your seat until the bus arrives at your stop.
  • Do not put your head or arms out of the windows when on the bus.