Congratulations to LRSD's Newest Board Members

LRSD's newest board members were sworn into office on Friday, September, 26, 2014, with crowd of supporters on hand to wish them well.

Joy Springer and Jim Ross will represent Zones 1 and 5 respectively. 

Congratulations to them and best wishes also to outgoing board members Norma Johnson and Jody Carreiro.  More related photos can be found on LRSD's Facebook page. 

Temporary Phone Outage

Twenty-three LRSD sites listed below are experiencing phone outages because the network is down.   Please read this article to view the schools and buildings affected by the outages.

Important Immunization Update

The new school immunization regulations from Arkansas Department of Health will protect many of our students from horrible diseases that are preventable. However, due to the overwhelming number of students needing these vaccines, many local doctor’s offices and Health Departments do not have appointments available until after December. 

How to get your child vaccinated for the flu in school

This year, in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), LRSD is holding Flu Immunization clinics in schools to provide flu vaccine for students and staff. Click here for the Flu Clinic schedule (Pago 2 en Español). 

It is very important that you follow through with all the steps required so that your child can be protected from the flu.


For your child to receive the flu vaccine, you must: 




1. Read and sign the linked the Vaccine Information Statement for the vaccine (espanol)

2. Read and Sign this FERPA consent form (Note: both 1 & 2 MUST be signed) (espanol)

3. Read and complete the front and back of the ADH consent form.

4. PRINT clearly all information required on ADH consent form.

5. Make sure you have signed the ADH consent form for the flu vaccine.

6. Sign the school district consent form.

7. Return both consent forms to your child’s school as quickly as possible

Town Hall Meetings With a Twist - Featuring Breakout Sessions


The Little Rock School District Board of Directors and the Superintendent are continuing to seek input about the direction The New Little Rock School District is taking, the reforms underway, and the future of the school district.

When and Where

Keeping Your Child from Getting Sick

Although district health administrators have not seen any cases of Enterovirus D68 at LRSD schools, we wanted to make sure parents were aware of any symptoms for which they need to be alert.  We are sharing tips from the Arkansas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. 

Keep Your Child from Getting and Spreading Enterovirus D68

- Avoid close contact with sick people
- Wash your hands often
- Cover Your coughs and sneezes
- Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands
- Clean and disinfect surfaces
- Stay home when you’re sick

For more information, see

Dunbar’s Math Department Gets New Technology!

Natalie Holliman (Math Coach) opens and distributes new technology to Dunbar Middle School Math Teachers.  As the only Middle School with all 6th-8th grade students using the TI-Inspire Calculators, the math department is excited to offer cutting edge & top notch technology to all of their students this year.
Research has proven “Technology can reduce the effort devoted to tedious computations and increase students’ focus on more important mathematics. Equally importantly, technology can represent maths in ways that help students understand concepts. In combination, these features can enable teachers to improve both how and what students learn” (Kaput, 2007).
Dunbar Middle School students began using this technology Mid-April of last year, but only at the 8th grade levels.  The excitement among the teachers is EXPLOSIVE and trickles down to our students.  Our Algebra I teacher, Mr. Cain, stated “The TI-Inspire will be very helpful for our students because they  are very hands-on and this TI-Inspire graphing calculator provides that engagement beyond any other calculator on the market today.  Also this technology can be a positive and effective data generating tool to assist me as a teacher with quick and reliable feedback in the classroom in the form of quick assessments.”
Dunbar Magnet Middle School is making strides each year to offer the best for students and this is one step in the right direction for meeting students where they are in their technological worlds.  Natalie Holliman stated, “We can’t request the students to muffle their technology advances, we as educators have to offer opportunities to advance our technology efforts.”  
Kaput, J. (2007). Technology becoming infrastructural in mathematics education. Models & Modeling as Foundations for the Future in Mathematics Education. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum

LRSD Announces College Night - October 7- Utilizing Bar Code Technology

The Little Rock School District is hosting College Night on Tuesday, October 7 from 6-8 pm at the Metroplex Event Center, 10800 Colonel Glenn Rd. (Please note - the LRSD calendar has the date listed incorrectly as October 1)