Straight Talk by Baker Kurrus, August 7, 2015

This is a busy time of the year.  I didn’t expect that two of our playgrounds would be deliberately destroyed. If you missed the news, two large sets of playground equipment were burned last week.   The cost, in dollars, will be over $225,000.   The total cost remains to be seen, and depends on what happens next.

 We have some video of three people who appear to be in their early teens.  They are at the scene when the fire starts.  The persons are almost surely known to some who have seen the video.  The colors of the clothing are enough to identify them.  If you care about them, you need to contact me, the fire marshal or the police.

We will fix the playgrounds.  We are still working on the insurance issues.  The cost to repair is about equal to what it would cost to hire three reading specialists.

I guess justice needs to be done.   It will not be entirely up to me to decide how to proceed.   After the justice, we really need some mercy and intervention.  Unless we identify the perpetrators, Little Rock School District may not get a chance to intervene.  Who will influence the three persons who apparently played a part in this destruction?  Who is going to guide them in the next several years?  Who is going to teach them, and what are they going to learn?  

Our school district wants to help these kids if they live in our district.  If you know who they are, please get in touch with me.  They need to accept responsibility for the damages they have caused.  They need to be helped immediately, before things get worse.  

The LRSD food service workers had an orientation meeting this morning.  These folks work hard, and they play an enormous positive role in our school district.  I thanked them for what they have done and will continue to do.  I will be eating in schools quite a lot this year.  I get a charge out of being with the students.  The food is usually pretty good, too.  We still need to figure out how to get our students to eat the fruit and vegetables.  I am going to try a few contests. 

School starts in a week.  We will have some rough spots.  Most of the problems arise when students move, fail to provide change of address forms, or fail to pre-register.  We will work through it all, and we are already talking of ways to make next year’s registration process better.

My goal this year is to be sure that every single student succeeds academically.  I am looking for three students in particular, and if you know who they are, let me know.  I want to get them the help they need before it is too late.



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