Significant Collaborative Acts

I. Partnership with the State

A.    New systems to promote communication, accountability, and efficiency

o    eSchool
o    eFinance
o    New Phone System
o    New Website (roll out Feb. 1)

B.    Naviance Tool to guide middle school students on career and post-secondary opportunities

C.    Improvement of Facilities

o    Pinnacle View Middle School
o    Little Rock Southwest High School
o    2nd Lien Loan Execution
o    6 largest energy consumers addressed
o    HVAC, roofs, security at majority of buildings
o    All-weather track at Fair, turf at Central, turf-track-concessions at Scott Field


II.    Partnership with the Community

A.    Agreement with Rock Region Metro to provide transportation for all high school students
B.    CALS Library Tech Card – provides 24-hour access to the library and allows students to access research databases; also provides support for Driver’s Education, ACT Prep, and foreign language development
C.    Bright Futures – partnership with City of Little Rock, Goodwill and LRSD to meet needs that students encounter away from school that will impact their learning
D.    Middle School students will be exposed to project-problem based learning with support of corporations; efforts supported by Forward Arkansas and Clinton Graduate School
Ex. – Heifer International allowing Dunbar students to solve a global request


III.    Multiple State and Community Partners

A.  Financial Literacy implementation for K-5 learners via OneDistrict OneBook – 
      Ex. - The Lemonade War
B.  Execution of $11.0 million budget reduction ($30.0 million already reduced); transitions 
     smooth, reductions in personnel, yet we still improved academically
C.  Think Tanks – Academics, Career Development, Behavior, and Athletics
D.  Career Education Expansion

o    New EXCEL Program
o    Doubled numbers in Police Academy
o    Doubled numbers in Fire Academy
o    Doubled nursing student numbers


IV.    Internal Enhancements

A.    Aspiring Leadership Academy