Section D

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Section D of the Little Rock School District policy manual contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on school finances and the management of funds. Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation, however, are filed in Section F, Facilities Development.

DA Fiscal Management Goals/Priority Objectives

DB Annual Budget

DBB Fiscal Year

DBG Budget Adoption Process

DBJ Budget Transfers and Adjustments

DC Taxing and Borrowing

DCA Management of Capital Projects Fund

DCA-R Management of Capital Projects Fund

DD Funding Proposals, Grants and Special Projects

DE Revenues From Tax Sources

DEA Funds From Local Tax Sources

DFA Revenues From Investments/Use of Surplus Funds

DFB Revenues From School-Owned Real Estate

DFC Leasing of District Facilities

DFD Gate Receipts and Admissions

DFD-R1 Activity Scheduling and Gate Receipts

DFD-R2 Athletic Gate Receipts and Admissions

DFE Royalties

DFF Income From School Sales and Services

DG Banking Services

DG-R Banking Services

DGA Authorized Signatures

DGD Visa Purchasing Card (Pro-Card)

DGE Personal Debts of Employees

DH Bonded Employees and Officers

DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

DIB Types of Funds

DIC Financial Reports and Statements

DID Inventories

DID-R Inventories

DIE Audits/Financial Monitoring

DJ Purchasing

DJ-R1 Procurement Regulations

DJC Petty Cash

DJC-R Petty Cash

DJD Cooperative Purchasing and Resource Sharing

DJF Minority Owned Enterprises

DJF-R Minority Owned Enterprises

DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations

DK Payment Procedures/Disbursements

DKC Out of Area Travel

DKC-R Travel Expense Authorization/Reimbursement

DLA Employee Benefits Administration

DM Cash in School Buildings

DN School Property Disposal

DN-R1 School Property Disposal Procedures

DN-R2 Computer Salvage Loan Program

DN-R2 Attachment Computer for Kids Parent Agreement