Parkview Drama Students take Arkansas History on the Road

The Parkview drama department brings Arkansas history alive with an original children’s touring show about Arkansas’ past.  During the month of February, the Parkview Drama Department tours “Nate and Addie’s Arkansas Adventures,” a fast-paced family friendly show featuring five stories from Arkansas past.  In addition to performances as a part of the Dr. Seuss Birthday week at the Clinton Presidential Center on Feb. 26th and March 1st, the 22 Parkview students toured the show to Romine, Franklin, and Rockefeller Elementary School performing for approximately 750 students. Additionally the show was performed at Horace Mann Middle School for 275 7th grade Arkansas History students.

In the process of creating and touring the show, Parkview Students have:
•    Learned how to improvise within a scenario as an established character.
•    Collaborated with other student actors and student playwrights to build the script from scratch.
•    Been involved with many aspects of theatre, including sound, costuming, building the set, and performing.
•    Gained touring theatre experience.
•    Explored their own Arkansas heritage and found a way to make history come alive for a young audience.

“Arkansas Adventures” was created for elementary school students with a cast of 20 actors, two student directors/playwrights, Grace Dostart and Riley Khoury, and faculty mentor/director, Spencer Sutterfield. “Working with such a fantastic and creative cast of actors allowed me to really see my own history come alive while writing the script. Their energy and humor make this show accessible to anyone who wishes to enjoy a bit of Arkansas’ past,” says Dostart.  The set was built to be easily transported between schools in a short amount of time. The ease and energy with which “Arkansas Adventures” is performed creates an inviting atmosphere for all ages to respond as they learn more about their own roots.