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4800 West 26th Street


Photo: LRSD archives.

School no longer in operation

Classes began in a portable building in 1929. This brick structure was erected in 1937 and was added to in 1943, 1953 and 1958. The district considered the name "West End," but ultimately decided on "Oakhurst" after the area in which the school is located.


Photo: Second grade class at Oakhurst School, 1947-48.

See photo of Oakhurst's 3rd grade class, 1948-49, HERE.
See photo of Oakhurst's 4th grade class, 1949-50, HERE.
See photo of Oakhurst's 6th grade class, 1951-52, HERE.
All class photos are courtesy of Mary Blagg Johnson.


Photo: First-grade class at Oakhurst performing in a musical program, Spring 1952. Photo courtesy of Linda Goss Miller.

The school changed its name to Martin Luther King in 1982-83 after the first school to bear this name, originally called Granite Mountain Elementary, closed at the end of the 1981-82 year. It ceased operation as an elementary school in 1990. This building now houses the LRSD Adult Education Center.

Girl Scout Troop 95, Oakhurst Elementary, ca. 1955.
Photo courtesy of Glenda Brown Eddins.

Music class, Oakhurst Elementary, early 1950s.
Photo courtesy of Glenda Brown Eddins.


LRSD archives.

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