LRSD Seniors Take Spotlight in 4kidsbykids Twitter Town Hall

             Back row:  Communications Director Pamela Smith; Superintendent Mike Poore;
             and Roberts Elementary Teacher Amy Braswell.  Front Row:  LRCH Senior CJ Fowler;
             JA Fair Senior Cartaviaus Thomas-Ayers;  McClellan Seniors Paola Vazquez and
             Talaya Jones; Hall High Senior Amy Cabrera; and Parkview Senior Marcus Watson, Jr.

February 8, 2017 - Little Rock School District students, representing all five high schools, helped conduct the District's third Twitter Town Hall.  Partnerning with KARK and Fox 16 in the stations' Victory over Violence Campaign, LRSD included student voices in the effort to help promote safe and nurturing communities.  The one-hour Twitter Town Hall used the hashtags #LRSDlistens and #4kidsbykids to engage the students and their peers in the conversation and to solicit input from the community. 

KARK4 and Fox16HD used their Facebook pages to stream the event live, while Superintendent Mike Poore moderated the discussion, also interviewing the students live on the District's educational channel.  The Twitter Town Hall will soon be uploaded for on-demand viewing to or you may visit both stations' Facebook pages and look for the video.  KARK station management reports that between its two pages, more than 10,000 viewers tuned in for the conversation.  

A special thank you to KARK and Fox 16 for allowing LRSD students to participate in the meaningful and timely conversation.