LRSD Earns State’s Top Spot for National Board Certification

The Little Rock School District dominates with 210 National Board Certified Teachers, about twice as many as any of the top five school districts in the state. Each year educators in the Little Rock School District strive to attain the highest level of certification a teacher can achieve, the National Board Certification. This rigorous process takes several years to complete and requires several forms of evaluation.

Nationally, the number of teachers who have achieved National Board Certification is equivalent to approximately 3 percent of the teaching force. LRSD eclipses nationwide numbers with nearly 14% of our classroom teachers holding National Board Certification. This year, twenty-one teachers in the Little Rock School District were awarded their National Certification.

Successful candidates include:
Deborah Bonds, Central High
Peggy Clay, Pulaski Heights Elementary
Gina Glover, Roberts Elementary
Tina Greenwood, Woodruff Early Childhood Center
Barbara Hall, Pulaski Heights Elementary
Vanessa Hendrix, King Magnet Elementary
Carolyn Johnson, Mann Magnet Middle
Lori Kirchner, McDermott Elementary
Betty Larry, Cloverdale Aerospace Technology Middle
Nathalie Massanelli, Jefferson Elementary
Amber Matthews, Jefferson Elementary
Carman McBride, Roberts Elementary
Paige Puckett, McDermott Elementary
Shana Loring, Dunbar Magnet Middle
Mary Struthers, Williams Magnet Elementary
Twyla Tate, Pulaski Heights Elementary
Beverly Tucker, McDermott Elementary
Anne Virden, Pulaski Heights Middle
Kristi Ward, Dunbar Magnet Middle
June Wine, McClellan Magnet High
Sandra Young, Rockefeller Elementary