LRSD Destination Imagination Students Take Top Honors

Four teams from Dunbar Magnet Middle School (DMMS) placed first in their respective challenges at the Arkansas Destination Imagination (DI) Northern Regional Tournament in Greenbrier on Saturday, March 1. Students from Horace Mann Magnet Middle School participated on two of the Dunbar teams.

The DMMS teams competed in the Technical, Scientific, Structural and Project Outreach challenges. Congratulations to the student teams and their volunteer team managers, who will compete at the state level on April 5 in Little Rock at Forest Heights. Teams placing first at the state tournament qualify for the global finals in May in Knoxville, Tenn.

Technical Challenge Team - James Swaim, Peter Mouw, Andrew Helms (Mann), Gabe Huggins, Jacob Shepherd and John Swaim. Team managers - Anna Swaim and Amber Helms
Scientific Challenge Team - Morgan Hibbard, Becket O'Brien, Sam Triplett, Clara Voth and Ben Wilson. Team Manager - Jennifer Triplett
Structural Challenge Team - Breyona Butler, Janette Najera, Tristam Thompson, Lelia Ippolito, Brittany Pierce and Lilia Zavada. Team Manager - Susan Jackson
Project Outreach - Jay Henry, Adam Mann, Trinity Sanders, Ava Horton (Mann), Dorothy Johnson (Mann) and Hunter Ramsey (Mann). Team Manager - Kristin Mann

The DI Team from Booker Arts Magnet School placed third out of eight teams when they participated at the Arkansas Destination Imagination (DI) Northern Regional Tournament in Greenbrier on Saturday, March 1. The team participated in the Structural Building Challenge, called The Tension Builds, that required them to design and build a weight bearing structure and a skit that incorporated the idea of tension and how it can be resolved.

Booker Arts Magnet’s Destination ImagiNation Structure Team: Frankie Najera, Rebekah Jackson, Emily Ayres, Austin Carpenter, Jordyn Jones, Garin Freeman, and Jack Lowe.

Pulaski Heights Middle School 6th grade girls, better known as the Brainy Bunch, took 3rd place overall in the first Destination ImagiNation competition of the school year in the "Going to Extremes" central challenge.

The Gibbs Go Getters, 4th grade Destination Imagination (DI) Team, took First Place in their division for the Arts Creative Problem called, “Laugh Art Loud”.  They were able to replicate a life size comic strip using themselves as characters in the story and show off their creative skills using a Rube Goldberg contraption to make a balloon with a caption on it pop up in the last frame of the comic strip to wow judges! They also took First Place in the area of Instant Challenge. While this team did not receive any points for the amount of marbles they were supposed to get into their container, they were complimented on their extraordinary teamwork and strategies used to problem solve, which landed them the much sought after 1st place award. Team member are Xavier Parker, Breck Mosley, Annaleah Witsell, Josie Eanes, Tremaya Jones, Skylar Nelsen and Ruth Walters. Team Managers are Holcomb Mosley, Gina Khoury and Rhonda Adams.

The fifth grade DI team, Genius Gibbsters, also won First Place in their division for the Scientific Creative Problem called, “Going to Extremes”.  They got extremely high marks for the realistic depiction of their extreme environment. They created the inside of an old abandoned coal mine complete with an old tram on the tracks, falling debris, and a collapsing ceiling. The team constructed make-shift head gear with a breathing piece of equipment for one of the trapped children in the mine to escape and get help for the others.  Team members are Xander Parker, Franchelsa Francisco, Leah Kline, Isabel Crawford, Jane Landrum, Olga Lyzogubova, and Milo Thomas. Team Managers are VP Parker and Rhonda Adams.

Destination Imagination is an educational activity in which students work in teams to solve mind-bending challenges. Teams are tested to think on their feet, work together and devise original solutions that satisfy the requirements of the challenges and then present their solutions at regional, state and international tournaments.