Jobs for Arkansas Graduates’ Score Big at National JAG Conference

Jobs for Arkansas Graduates’ Specialist, Sherrie Mays, Hall High School; Mary Jacobs, J. A.  Fair High School; and Gladys Godley, McClellan High School were honored for their commitment and dedication to their students at the 29th National JAG Training Conference in Orlando, Florida. 

These specialists were named Arkansas’ Outstanding Specialist for the 2011 – 2012 school year for successfully implementing the JAG model and achieving extraordinary outcomes for JAG program participants.
Mays, Jacobs, and Godley also received awards for achieving the JAG “5 of 5” National Performance Standards for the class of 2012.   The national performance standards were measurements of Graduation Rate, Placement Rate, Positive Outcome, Full-time Placement Rate and Full-time Jobs.  There were 134 JAG Specialist recognized nationally.
Mays was further recognized for understanding and implementing the JAG Data  and follow-up for her students' with successful  outcomes"  - JAG:  Success Against the Odds.”