iPads Roll Out at Forest Heights Middle School


It was an exciting day at Forest Heights Middle School as representatives from 12 LRSD departments gathered alongside a group of sixth grade students and the leadership team at Forest Heights to usher in a massive shipment of 126 iPads.


"The iPad middle school initiative was a huge undertaking which required the cooperation of more than a dozen LRSD departments and took nearly 12 months to implement," according to Ashleigh Davis, LRSD instructional technology specialist.


Students and teachers alike are enthusiastic about what the future holds for learning — the impact of iPad-based instruction in the classroom cannot be overstated. “We fully expect the use of iPads in classroom instruction to affect the learning process in an immediate and dramatic way. Students will be more engaged and interested in learning with the iPads,” says Davis. According to sixth grader Ijalai George, "It's wonderful because it's a good experience for all sixth graders. I feel lucky to be at Forest Heights."


The safety and security of our students and school property is always a top priority at LRSD. Therefore, the iPads are equipped with tracking devices to retrieve lost or stolen units and filtering features that block web sites and apps containing inappropriate content.  


The next iPad roll out is planned for next week. The superintendent, board members and members of the media will be invited as we celebrate our next iPad distribution. Stay tuned for more details.