EI - LRSD Board Policy

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It is the policy of the Board of Education to maintain an insurance program that is as complete and comprehensive as is prudent for the protection of District owned property and for the benefit of employees, students, parents, and the public served by the District.  All aspects of the insurance program will be reviewed at least annually by the Ex Officio Financial Secretary who is responsible for keeping policies and coverage on a current basis.  Any proposed changes in the type of coverage carried will be submitted to the Board of Education for approval.


Employee Group Insurance

Employee group insurance programs on a payroll deduction basis will be provided.  Developing programs which will be eligible for payroll deduction will be a cooperative effort of the Ex Officio Financial Secretary and such other persons as the superintendent may designate.


Legal Liability Insurance

Legal liability insurance coverage will be provided to protect District employees and the Board of Education members.



Adopted:  May 27, 1999

Legal References:   Arkansas School Laws: 80-465, 80-466, 90-1324, Act 6024 1979

                                    A.C.A. 6-17-1101 through 6-17-1117

                                    A.C.A. 6-20-1501 through 6-20-1515

Cross References:  Negotiated Agreements