DKC-R LRSD Board Policy

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Travel will be for necessary school business purposes.  Prior approval for all travel, including prepaid expenses, will be obtained before any expenses are incurred.  Economical and reasonable modes of transportation, lodging, and other expenditures in accordance with the purpose of the travel must be used.  A copy of the full agenda for the conference or training will be provided with the Professional Leave / Expense Form.

To insure that maximum impact can be achieved, the following regulations apply to all out-of-district travel.  Out-of-district travel is defined as being outside Pulaski County, AR.  Travel costs within Pulaski County are limited to registration costs.  Meals are  included only if they are part of the registration cost.  In Pulaski County the training site is defined as the employee’s worksite for that day or days.


Travel Limits

A maximum of two out-of-state trips per year apply to all District staff.  Additional travel may be authorized if travel expenses are funded through a non-District related source and the travel is approved as being in the best interest of the District.  When additional travel is required due to job responsibilities, travel beyond the maximum may be approved by request of the employee’s supervisor and approval of the Superintendent or designee.  Travel by the Superintendent is addressed in Board Policy CBG.

In-state travel will be approved only for necessary and reasonable school business.


Travel Day

The travel day will begin at 6:00 a.m., include breakfast, lunch, dinner and one night's lodging, and will end the following morning at 6:00 a.m.  Request for reimbursement of expenses incurred in less than full travel days must reflect a reasonable allocation based on the expense limits directed herein for a full travel day.  Meal costs will be prorated by one half for that travel day if travel begins after 2:00 p.m. and for a return time prior to 2:00 p.m.


Meals and Incidental Costs

Meal costs will be determined by the last accepted federal per diem schedule.  An electronic copy will be available in the Teachers Lounge section of the District web page. Meal costs for partial days will be determined by the departure and return time as indicated in the above section.  Meals included in the cost of registration will be deducted from the per diem amount as follows:  breakfast (20%), lunch (30%), and dinner (50%).  No deductions will be made for continental breakfasts.


Lodging Expenses

The District will reimburse actual lodging expense incurred in travel for the District.  Lodging will be reimbursed only for the days of the conference attended plus night(s) required based on the conference schedule.  Economical and reasonable lodging in accordance with the purpose of the travel must be used.  Reimbursement for lodging expenses will require lodging receipts that indicate the employee has paid for the lodging.  Receipts from personal credit cards will not be accepted unless accompanied by the receipt from the lodging establishment.  If the rate for lodging exceeds the federal maximum for lodging, a justification must be provided (i.e. no local transportation exists between hotel and conference hotel; legitimate safety concerns; or room sharing to reduce cost).

Travelers are encouraged to use cost saving initiatives such as appropriate sharing of rooms, car pooling and like arrangements. 


Air Travel

Procurement must receive a copy of the approved Professional Leave / Expense Form so that airfare, if needed, can be booked. 


Using District Pro-Card for Travel

After the travel form has been approved, the traveler may go to his / her principal/director and request to use the site’s main Pro-Card (usually the principal’s/director’s) to do the following:

a. Secure a hotel reservation;

b. Pay for registration fees; (registration can be paid by purchase order as well.)

Individual employees cannot use the Pro-Card to pay for the following:

  1. Airline Tickets
  2. Hotel Room
  3. Meals
  4. Auto Rental
  5. Incidental expenses


Advance / Expense Check

The traveler will receive an advance / expense check to pay for the items that have been approved on the travel form and have not been purchased already. 


Travel Coordinator

Procurement identifies travel coordinators as individuals who regularly handle travel for multiple employees / locations.  Travel coordinators may propose cost saving options associated with group travel. Such options will require written approval of the Chief Financial Officer.  


Travel to Destination

The District will reimburse travel expenses to the maximum limit for point-to-point costs for coach fare on common carriers.  Receipts or ticket stubs are required for reimbursement of common carrier costs.  If an employee chooses to use a personal

automobile, reimbursement will not exceed the current per mile rate approved by the District or point-to-point coach fare, whichever is less. The District’s approved per mile rate will be aligned with the state of Arkansas’ per mile rate. When more than one employee travels to the same location in a personal automobile, mileage will be reimbursed only to the employee whose personal automobile is used.  When automobiles are used for transportation to a destination, car pooling for multiple attendees is recommended.  Mileage requests may be denied when the best interest of the District is not met after taking into account the circumstances of the request.

If traveling in state, the traveler will maintain adequate automobile insurance as mandated by Arkansas State Law.

When traveling out of state, the traveler will attach proof of current automobile insurance containing proper endorsements for business use to their professional leave/expense form. Use of personal vehicles for out-of-state travel may be denied at District’s sole discretion.  Employees should understand that the employee’s personal insurance will respond in the event of an accident while operating a personal vehicle on District business. 


Local Travel at Destination

Actual reasonable expenses of local travel by common carriers at the destination will be reimbursed. 


Automobile Rentals - At Destination

Automobiles will not be rented at District expense without prior approval of the Superintendent or his / her designee and in no case without documentation, in advance, that automobile rental will be less expensive to the District than the cost of public transportation to meeting, conferences, etc.  Reimbursement is conditioned upon advance authority as well as receipts from the leasing agency.


Automobile Rentals - Travel to Destination

If an employee chooses to rent a vehicle to travel to an approved destination, the employee will be reimbursed the lesser of common carrier coach rates or round trip map mileage to and from the destination.  If a vehicle is rented for multiple attendees,

the limit for reimbursement will be the lesser of common carrier coach rates for two employees or round trip map mileage to and from the destination for two employees.

For all automobile rentals (At Destination or Travel to Destination) which involve out-of -state travel, employees must accept and pay for the rental agency’s liability insurance.  The cost of the rental agency’s liability insurance should be included as an expense on the professional leave/expense form. The employee must also provide a copy of their personal automobile liability insurance with their professional leave/expense form.  Employees should understand that the employee’s personal automobile liability insurance will respond in the event of an accident while operating a rental vehicle on District business.

The approval or disapproval level will be at least at the equivalency level of an Associate Superintendent for this type of arrangement.  Reasonableness must be documented.


Advance Request for Professional Leave and Travel

The form listed below must be submitted at least thirty days prior to travel. If an employee has not sent in documentation for the advanced funds within sixty days, payroll deduction will be made for the non-documented advance that has not been reimbursed.   

·         Professional Leave / Expense Form - to be completed and submitted in accordance with the instructions for that form. 

Non-travel items will not be included on advances or reimbursed with travel.  Registrations and common carrier expenses (to and from the destination) should be paid separately from the travel advance.

No employee will be reimbursed for out-of-district travel unless the required form is submitted and approved in advance by the appropriate District officials.  These forms must cover the entire cost of travel, the total days absence requested, be accompanied by the full agenda of the conference or event to be attended, and be delivered for approval.  Requests for travel will be completed in a timely manner to avoid registration penalties and to obtain good rates for hotels, airlines, registration, etc.  No travel will be paid from any source for which the required form has not been completed and approved.



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