Congratulations LRSD National History Day Winners!

The District 7 National History Day Competition was held at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock on Saturday, March 8, 2014.  LRSD students competed at the elementary, middle and high school levels. High school and middle school winners progress to the state completion on April 19, 2014. Join us in congratulating the following:


  • Jack Maxon, Forest Park Elementary, “The Texas Revolution,”  (Elementary Poster—4-5th Grade; Teacher: Jason Finney)
  • Rebecca Kuo, Pulaski Heights Middle, “Reign of  the White Terror,” (Junior Website — Individual; Teacher: Janet Meyer Buford)
  • Alex Crawford, Pulaski Heights Middle, “Irresponsible Ideologies,” (Junior Paper—Individual; Teacher: Janet Meyer Buford)
  • Emma Jackson, Emily Pinson, and Juliana Pinson, Pulaski Heights Middle, “Edith Green and Title IX” (Junior Performance—Group; Lisa Lewis)
  • Corissa Ross and Davis Ross, Pulaski Heights Middle,  “Homeland Security: Offense and Defense,” (Junior Exhibit—Group; Teacher: Lisa Lewis)
  • Meredith Hatfield and Natalie Fisken, Pulaski Heights Middle,  “John Muir: His Mission to Save the Environment,” (Junior Website—Group; Teacher: Jacqueline Hogg)


  • Kenneth Norman, M.L. King Elementary, “Little Rock Nine,” (Elementary Poster—4-5th Grade; Teacher: Debbie Capps)
  • Garrett Hatfield, Pulaski Heights Middle,  “Money, Money, Money…Curt Flood Changed It All,” (Junior Website — Individual; Teacher: Lisa Lewis)
  • Zia Tollette, Pulaski Heights Middle,  “The Effect of Integration on Black Teachers,” (Junior Paper—Individual; Teacher: Jacqueline Hogg)
  • Katherine Taylor, Pulaski Heights Middle, “Unfinished Business: The Struggle for the ERA Amendment,” (Junior Performance—Individual; Teacher: Jacqueline Hogg)
  • Adam Mann and Sam Triplett, Dunbar Magnet Middle, “Blackbeard: The Terror of the Seas,” (Junior Documentary—Individual: Teacher: Jan Mixon)
  • Jessie Bates, Katie Diekman and Joanne Liu, Pulaski Heights Middle, “Behind Barbed Wire: Japanese American Internment,” (Junior Website: Group; Teacher: Lisa Lewis)


  • Lily Ann Parson, Jefferson Elementary, “The Voting Rights Act of 1965; Implications for Yesterday and Today,” (Elementary Poster—4-5th Grade; Teacher: Katie Parson)
  • Anna Claire Day, Pulaski Heights Middle, “The Right to Bear Arms Is More Than You Think,” (Junior Website—Individual; Teacher: Rebecca Houston)
  • Ella Moody and Marilyn Ronnel, Pulaski Heights Middle, “Women’s Rights: The Fight for Rights,” (Junior Exhibit—Group; Teacher: Vickie Davis)