From Arkansas to Africa - Western Hills Students Create "Circle of Change"  

From pickles to pencils to popsicles...whatever it took to raise the money, determined students at Western Hills Elementary sold it on campus and in front of a local skating rink to benefit students in Tanzania. Now the work of these serious young pitchmen and women is paying off. They managed to collect mostly coins, and some foldable money in the amount of $5,000 dollars as part of their "Mbegu" service project to purchase school supplies for students in Tanzania. The name for the service project is derived from the Swahili word for "seed."  


"We wanted to plant the seed of change in our students' minds so it would grow and make them more aware of the needs of others," said Western Hills teacher Kristy Taylor.  


To celebrate this impressive goal, Western Hills principal Teresa Richardson invited her son, Michael Richardson, who lived and worked in Tanzania, to the school to speak with her students about the African country to enlighten them about the culture and to show a video of students there, saying "hello" in Swahili.  


As part of the project, Western Hills students created artwork and a symbolic link for every dollar raised in the Mbegu chain, capturing each link in a photo. The photo of all the links used to create a "Circle of Change" will be shown to the Tanzanian students when they receive their school supplies.


Mrs. Richardson and her son will travel to Tanzania to personally deliver the artwork and supplies on June 20, 2014.