ACC Graduation and Home-school Graduation



ACC Awards Program is May 12th at 10am in the Metro Activity Center

ACC Graduation Ceremony is May 16th at 6:00pm in the Metro Activity Center

**Students within 2 credits may participate in the ACC Graduation Ceremony

*Names of students who are within 1 credit, will be sent to the Home-schools on May 1st

**Students must be within 1 credit by May 15th to be eligible to walk with their home-school

*Summer school, payments should be made before home-school graduation practice. Payments are 180.00 for 1 credit and 90.00 for .5 credit.  Payments must be in cash only.  Complete summer school form with Ms. Angela Smith.

Full Home-school Graduation information is available in the Student Services Center room 211

Home-school Graduation dates and times

McClellan May 23rd @ 6pm

 Parkview May 23rd @ 8:30pm

Hall May 24th @ 6pm

JA Fair May 24th @ 8:30pm

Central May 25th @ 6pm