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How to Register

NEW! The Gateway Online Registration process for the 2018-19 school year is underway! For new students, click here to use the New Registration Gateway. New student accounts require parents to create a username and password.  To register a student, you will need the child's birth certificate, social security card or number, and two current proofs of your residence, (including a utility bill and a signed lease agreement).  Please bring all documentation to the Student Registration Office located at 501 Sherman Street in Little Rock.

The Back to School Gateway is accessible for students who had an active LRSD assignment for the 2017-18 school year and for students who pre-registered for the 2018-19 school year.  To access the Back to School Gateway, click here.  To use the BTS, parents need the student's ID #. The username is the student's ID #; the password is the student's birthday. For example, if the student's ID# is 358964, enter it in the username field. For the password, enter 01/01/2013 for the student's date of birth.

*Parents must bring all supportive documentation to the LRSD Student Registration Office in order for the student's file to be processed.

To access the child nutrition meal application, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the LRSD Student Registration Office at 501-447-2950.

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This disclaimer is designed  to provide clarity around our assignment process. Currently, all grade levels have extended waiting lists for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. While your application will be accepted by our office, it must go through the approval process before it can be entered into our next scramble, which  could be up to an entire nine week period. Should vacancies arise after the assignments of the initial waiting pool, we will initiate another scramble, which should include your application if approved and assign according to the LRSD assignment process.  Please note:  If you are not notified of an assignment prior to the open enrollment period in December, you will have to reapply for the 2019-2020 school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I complete registration paperwork?
You may register your child at his/her attendance zone school or at the Student Registration Office. Your child's school assignment is determined by your residential address. To determine the name and location of your attendance zone school, you may contact the Student Registration Office.  If your school is at capacity, your student may placed on a numbered waiting list and will be assigned to the closest school. To register a new or returning student, you will need to complete the online registration process. 

What do I need to bring to register my child? Click here for the Registration Checklist.
To register a student for the first time, you will need:

  • Child's official birth certificate, passport, military ID card or other documentation provided by law (ACA 6-18-210)
  • Child's social security card or number
  • Two current proofs of residence, such as a lease agreement (signed by lessee/lessor) or current utility bill, in the parent or legal guardian's name within the past 30 days (no cell phone bills accepted) or personal property tax bill 
  • Child's immunization records (provided to school after assignment)
  • For P3 and P4 students only registering for the 2018-19 school year - Proof of income is required such as paycheck stubs for parents/guardians living in the household - if both parents are living in the household - proof must be provided for both (no older than 30-45 days, two stubs, bi-weekly; four stubs, weekly); 2017 W-2 statement, 2017 federal income tax return, or Schedule 1040 C or F if the parent is self-employed; the parent may also use letter from employer stating income amount and how often paid, letter from DHS caseworker or other social service agency stating gross household income, OR documentation showing family is currently receiving food stamp benefits. Please contact the Geyer Springs Early Childhood Office at 501-447-7360 or visit at 5240 Mabelvale Pike, LR, from 8:30-5:30, Monday-Friday.

How old does my child have to be to start school (Kindergarten)?

Under Arkansas law, a child must be 5 years old on or before August 1st in order to attend school. Mandatory school attendance is required for all children in the state of Arkansas from age 5 though age 17.

When should I register my child for school?

Any time, although you should register your child as early as possible so the school will be prepared for your child.

Assignment letters for those who register during this period will be mailed during early-February and a place will be "reserved" in the child's name at the assigned school. Newcomers arriving after this initial period can register at any time either at their attendance zone school (during the school year) or in the Student Registration Office, which is open year-round.  

How do I receive bus transportation services for my child? LRSD provides transportation for secondary students who live more than two miles from their assigned school and elementary students who live more than one mile from their assigned schools. Click here for more information.  Pre-Kindergarten students, staff preference, legal transfers, school choice options nor appeals WILL NOT receive transportation services from the district.

What if my family moves? Does my child have to change schools?

The Student Registration Office strives to provide customer service to patrons.  In doing so, exceptions are made for address changes after students attend the first day at their assigned school.  Students who move are allowed to complete the school year at the school of origin if the parent can provide transportation back to the original school.  Additionally, most students who are attending schools outside of their attendance zone (magnet schools, transfers, etc.) will not be reassigned due to an address change.  If a student was alternately assigned, they will be AUTOMATICALLY BE ASSIGNED to the neighborhood (attendance zone) school for the upcoming school year.

Parents are strongly encouraged to contact the LRSD Student Registration Office located at 501 Sherman Street in Little Rock to update his/her child's address whenever the family moves.  Parents should bring two current proofs of their address in order for the form to be processed.

There may be situations where parents share housing with other family members or friends. In this case, the parent may obtain a DOUBLE-UP FAMILY FORM (AFFIDAVIT) to submit with the registration packet.  The head of household must submit a current lease (signed by the lesse and lessor) and current utility bill or personal property tax statement.  The Head of Household form must be notarized to be submitted with the registration packet.  To download the Double-up Family Form (Affidavit) CLICK HERE.  A Residency Form must accompany the affidavit. Here is the link for the Residency Form.