Share Your Input on LRSDs Financial Future

Due to a loss in desegregation funds as part of the settlement agreement reached in 2014, LRSD will face a $37 million cut in revenue, annually, beginning in 2017-18.  Our goal is to determine the best way to handle this significant reduction in revenue while, at the same time prioritizing resources for the academic improvement of our students and provide for the financial stability of the district’s future.

 We have had to make some difficult choices, with cuts to date that have included: 

Fiscal Year   Total Reductions 
2014-2015   $2,700,000 
2015-2016   $18,200,000
2016-2017   $9,300,000 (anticipated)


We have considered many additional options to help us meet our fiscal responsibilities.   With each option, we have always considered the impact on students to be our top priority.  We have developed the following list of potential options for 2017-18:

Fiscal Year 2018 Reduction Options
School Staffing (Secondary Focus)   $3,000,000
M-to-M Transportation   $1,208,424
LRSD Transportation (Proposal)   $1,636,773
Various Stipends (NBCT, AM, PM, SEC)   $724,000
Health Insurance Reduction ($225)   $1,935,000
School Closures (3-4)   $4,700,000
Privatization of Services (Cust & CN)   $1,000,000
Position Reductions (Admin/Support)   $1,000,000
Legal Expenditures   $100,000
Total for Fiscal Year 2018   $15,304,197

After reviewing the list, please share your input about additional items that you believe should be considered.  You may share your input the following ways:

The deadline for submitting comments is Sunday, October23, 2016.  Thank you for your input.