Early Childhood Curriculum & Resources

 P3 and P4 Curriculum and Supporting Resources


Year At A Glance (YAG) Documents


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Curriculum (Weekly Plans/Required tasks within each Theme)

P3 FULL Curriculum (Revised, aligned with Work Sampling 5th Edition)

P4 FULL Curriculum (Revised, aligned with Work Sampling 5th Edition)

Weekly Themes (one page per week)


Assessments and Supporting Information

Prekindergarten 3 Skills Assessment (P3SA)

Prekindergarten Skills Assessment (PKSA)

P3SA Class Record Form in Word

PKSA Class Record Form in Word

Write Name Assessment Rubric with Additional Information (revised 2014)

P3SA Work Sampling Correlation

PKSA Work Sampling Correlation

ESI/Work Sampling Correlation


Additional and Supporting Resources

2013-2014 Curriculum Revision Overview

Prekindergarten Curriculum Implemenation Guide

Guidelines for Small Groups with Young Children

Common Core State Standards Preparation: Description and Alignment

Science Lessons

Family Time Activities

Family Time Activities in Spanish

Benchmark Summary Table

Professional Development Information

LRSD and TAPP/PDR Credit - As a reminder, no TAPP or PDR credit can be used as "out of district" credit on LRSD Professional Development Transcript. When providing Professional Development documentation, print off TAPP or PDR to accompany the LRSD transcript. ADE, DHS, LRSD all accept the TAPP/PDR credit toward completing goals and verification.