GT Seminar

GT Seminar is based on four core process areas considered fundamental to the development of a differentiated curriculum. The areas are as follows: critical thinking, creative thinking, independent and group investigation, and personal growth. Because of the open-ended, student-oriented nature of the GT Seminar class, it is necessary to develop process skills through content (differentiated approach), rather than to develop content skills through process (standard approach).  This focus on process rather than on content creates the need for schools to develop gifted and talented seminars that lead students to an increasing level of proficiency in the process skills while pursuing different areas of content for each year of credit. Schools offering credit for more than one year of Gifted and Talented Seminar must develop curriculum specifically more rigorous and demanding with each subsequent year.
Schools with multiple-year seminars must change the content from year-to-year and follow processes outlined in the scope and sequence offered through the Arkansas Department of Education. Schools are not required to request course approval for Gifted and Talented Seminar. Students may be given elective career focus credit.
Because some process skills are considered basic components of more than one area, some skill duplications occur in the four core areas.  Personal Growth learning expectations are by nature different from the learning expectations in the other three core areas and involve the internal processes of self-analysis, self-discovery, and self-direction.  Therefore, these student-oriented expectations may require a more subjective type of evaluation by the GT Seminar teacher, including teacher observation and/or student self-evaluation through the use of surveys, checklists, or other forms.
Currently GT Seminar is offered at all LRSD middle schools.