Health Services in the Little Rock School District

Every school is assigned a professional nurse.  Parents/Guardians are urged to inform the school nurse and teacher of any known health conditions a student may have.

Parents/Guardians are urged to keep students at home who have fever (above 100.4 degrees), vomiting, or have any symptom of a contagious disease.  

Students who become ill or injured at school will be given care.  If the administrator and/or health care worker deems it necessary to send a student home, the parent/guardian will be contacted before allowing the student to leave school.  It is important that every parent/guardian provides the school with working telephone numbers.

  Working parents will need to plan possible alternative care for their child if he/she becomes ill and the parent is unable to leave work.  It is in the student's best interest that when he/she is sick or significantly injured, the parent/guardian will take the student home or to the doctor.  The health room is for temporary care of students.

All students with special healthcare needs, including chronically ill, medically fragile and technology dependent students, must have an individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) on file at the school.  The IHP plan must be signed by the student's physician or nurse practitioner and parent/guardian.
> Students with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes or seizures must have an emergency "Action Plan" written and signed by the student's physician or nurse practitioner.
>IHP forms are available from the school nurse or school secretary.