Director: Pamela Smith
810 West Markham
Little Rock, AR 72201
Telephone: 501-447-1025
Fax: 501-447-1161

The Communications Department supports the education mission of the Little Rock School District (LRSD) by creative internal and external communications efforts. These efforts are designed to provide information to staff members, parents and other community stakeholders.

Some of the major responsibilities of the Communications Department include:

  • gathering information through surveys and other informal methods
  • publishing newsletters for staff and parents
  • preparing news releases and designing marketing tools such as advertisements
  • planning and implementing special events
  • developing and maintaining information on the district's web and social media sites
  • assisting schools and departments in web design training
  • creating video productions for the district's cable access television channel
  • assisting schools and parent recruiters in targeted marketing efforts
  • assisting the media with information for broadcast or publication
  • providing advice and counsel to the superintendent and administrators regarding public relations issues

While this list is not all-inclusive, it does provide an idea of the focus and responsibilities of the Communications Department staff.  The department is proud to provide service to LRSD schools and patrons.

  • Pamela Smith, Communications Director 447-1030
  • Dennis Walker, LRSD-TV Station Manager 447-1031
  • Kyle Holmes, Graphic Artist / Writer / Producer 447-1032
  • Jack Garvey, Webmaster 447-1029
  • Brianna Copeland, Receptionist 447-1000

How Do I Get Coverage?
Schools and community members may submit items to the communications team for consideration of coverage/posting.  Coverage opportunities include: 

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Media Outlets (television and print)
  • Blackboard (ParentLink – LRSD App)
  • Internal LRSD E-blast (Sent to LRSD staff only)

To submit requests and photos, click on Internal Media Request link to the right of this page, upload information, and send electronically.

When possible, please submit requests at least two weeks prior to day of event.

Flyer Approval
All flyers from community members should be approved before being sent home with students.  Flyers may be approved by submitting to LRSD communications team.  Flyers from community members should also include a visible disclaimer informing parents that the advertised event is not sponsored by the Little Rock School District.    

Our Mission

We proactively foster clear, cohesive and meaningful two-way communication through a variety of channels: reaching students, parents, staff, board members and other community stakeholders.

Our Strategic Priorities for 2015-2020

  • Improving ongoing communication about the District
  • Making LRSD schools a place where all people are welcome
  • Fostering relationships for promoting positive messages about LRSD
  • Enhancing methods of communication
  • Spotlighting the diversity of programs offered by LRSD that provide a rich environment in which students can thrive and have their needs met
  • Determining methods and best practices for obtaining feedback
  • Making parents and other stakeholders feel as though they are valued participants in the educational process
  • Creating new website and logo to promote consistency in branding and enhancing marketing efforts

Communications and Customer Service
LRSD is committed to conveying information in a thoughtful, clear, and concise method through multiple channels. Communications affects all areas of the educational process and is accomplished through many forms: parent-teacher interaction; presentations to local community groups; training of
staff, interaction with media; posting of information on district website; and use of social media. The intent of effective communication is to achieve understanding through clear and concise sharing of information, responsiveness to feedback from stakeholders, and outstanding customer service. Each
person who comes into contact with the school district is a target audience, including but not limited to: students, parents, staff, Board members, residents, media, elected officials, civic groups and alumni. All employees must strive to interact with our stakeholders in a positive manner. Improved
communications and customer service create a welcoming atmosphere that promotes ongoing opportunities for developing and maintaining partnerships.  LRSD is committed to responding to concerns and inquiries in a positive, professional, and respectful manner.


  • Explore effectiveness of two-way communication flow and explore opportunities/recommendations for improvement
  • Examine district-wide consistency issues in manner and method of communication
  • Identify areas where customer service can be improved and develop methods for accomplishment
  • Identify current technology enhancements that can be used for timely and easily accessible communications
  • Review communication methods to determine how they can be improved
  • Expand bi-lingual outreach efforts

Upgraded current ParentLink Technology
(automated system used to communicate with parents and other stakeholders.) Converted to Blackboard in 2015.  Enhanced version includes: Smartphone App capabilities

  • Survey capabilities
  • Teacher Reach – another method for teachers to communicate with parents
  • Attendance notification – parents receive automated calls when child’s absences reach a certain threshold
  • Tip Line – phone number and text capabilities for community members to report inappropriate activities


  • Foreign language conversion capabilities
  • Search Capabilities
  • Enhanced visual appeal
  • Additional content – updated at least twice a week
  • Added live streaming video capabilities
  • Increased video uploads

LRSD TV (Comcast Channel 4, U-verse Channel 99)

  • Features video stories about District initiatives, Public Service Announcements, calendars, anti-bullying messages and other timely information
  • Live streaming video to broadcast important meetings, student/staff/community recognitions on

Social Media

  • FACEBOOK followers (increased from approximately 1,700 to more than 20,000 in 5-years)
  • Twitter followers (Nearly 5,000)
  • Instagram, Linkedin. Pinterest, Vimeo, and YouTube accounts


  • Annually, produce and distribute LRSD District calendar and school brochures (mailed to the homes of 25,000 students)
  • Annually, produce and distribute community report (mailed to the homes of 25,000 students)
  • New brochures created for middle school and magnet school recruitment efforts, LRSD’s AVID program, and the LRSD ACT initiative (Produced comprehensive athletic brochure – 2013-14)

Customer Service

  • Utilize ParentLink to conduct District-wide internal and external survey to gauge customer service efforts
  • Conduct internal and external Climate Surveys
  • Conduct ongoing group and individual school customer service trainings
  • Create customer service videos for in-house training

Parent/Staff/Community Engagement

  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Twitter Town Hall Meetings
  • Individual Stakeholder Meetings
    • Community Members
    • Faith-based Organizations
    • Community Organizations
  • Work with Parental Involvement Department to support variety of efforts to reach parents
  • Community Walks
  • Implement out-of-the-box approaches through Social Media to engage parents, students and community members (annual events)


  • Launched “We Promise” ad campaign
  • Ongoing print and radio ad campaign promoting District initiatives
  • Increase support to bi-lingual school community – using appropriate medium to advertise
  • District-wide Open House Radio Campaign (English and Spanish)
  • Campaigns for ongoing media coverage opportunities including:
    LRSD’s Anti-bullying efforts
    Summer school activities (Also researched community-based summer activities and published information along with corresponding web links to
    Registration/First Day of School
    Open House
    Parental Involvement Conference
    Open enrollment/Recruitment efforts

Communication tools used by department

Blackboard (ParentLink) – school to home and community communication system designed to increase parental and other stakeholder involvement
Social Media
News Releases

Upcoming events (Most referenced occur annually)
Student/Staff/Community Partner Recognition (Monthly – updated to last Monday of the month)
LRSD United Way Campaign Kick-off – June 2018
Scholars Reception – November 2018
ViPS Jane Mendel Reading Day – November 2018
Computer Power Day Events - March 2019
Artistry in the Rock – district-wide showcase of students’ creative and performing art talents, March 2019
ViPS Evening of the Stars – April 2019
Teacher of the Year – Crystal Awards Gala honoring outstanding teachers, May 2019
LRSD Retirees Reception – Date TBA
Academic Signing Day (Usually held at Arkansas Governor’s Mansion) – May 2019
High School Graduations – May 2019