Training the Trainers to Bully Proof Our Schools

This week training sessions for elementary and secondary school administrators are being held at the Embassy Suites in Little Rock. The Bully Proofing Series training includes information about how to identify bullying, how to approach students after bullying has taken place and how to prevent bullying. According to Kevin Englande, regional vice president at Sopris Learning, “The goal of this week’s training sessions is to help administrators provide safer environments for learning.”

Specific strategies for training staff and helpful information on scheduling are included in the Administrator’s Guide to Staff Development.  A guide for working with victims and bullies explains the psychology of bullies and their victims and provides intervention strategies aimed at supporting victims of bullying and helping bullies develop the skills to change their behavior. Teachers will receive a manual with a complete classroom curriculum, strategies for fostering parent collaboration and a resource guide.

Bullying of any type has no place in a school setting. The Little Rock School District will endeavor to maintain a learning/working environment free of bullying. Click here for more information about LRSD anti-bullying policies and procedures.