Straight Talk by Baker Kurrus, April 1, 2016

As the week winds down, I want to stop and thank everyone who works so hard to serve the students in the Little Rock School District.   We have had an interesting couple of weeks. As a buddy of mine sometimes says, after all of the talking is over, somebody still has to get the work done.   

To everyone in LRSD who gets the work done, thanks for all you do.  On some days, it is just a little harder to get up, get going and do the heavy lifting.  You folks do it every day, and I appreciate it.  I see good people working hard all over our district.  Some are cooking, driving, cleaning, repairing, teaching, counseling, administering, accounting, and lots of other things.   Our students appreciate your work, even if they don’t always express their thanks.  My heart goes out to you.

We in LRSD are doing a great job of sticking together.  It feels like family to me, and I like the way we are working together.  We are about ready for our testing, and the work on the two new schools is extremely exciting.  I think we have the very best educators, and I believe quality pays off in the long run.          

I believe in our team, and I believe in our students.  Thank you again for all you do.


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