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How a Great Teacher Cultivates Veggies (and Kids) in the Bronx

Stephen Ritz, one of NPR's 50 Great Teachers, has a bow tie with his name made out of Scrabble tiles.Things to know about Stephen Ritz, one of NPR's 50 Great Teachers:  

He and his students made bow ties out of Scrabble tiles.  His Bronx classroom, a refurbished school library, has more plants than desks.

He calls the room his National Health, Wellness and Learning Center. It's got tower gardens, gleaming cabinets and counters, an industrial sink and a new, mobile cooking station....  [more]


Quiz: Test Your Veggie Smarts 

Updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans were recently unveiled, offering adults and kids advice for healthy food and drink choices. Do you know what the new guidelines say about vegetables? Take the USDA's MyPlate quiz to find out.

10 questions on healthy eating »




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