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Dr. Veronica Perkins
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Anita Spears
Administrative Assistent
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To learn more about the most recent Professional Development Plan, please click on the links below.

Revised 2011 PowerPoint Presentation on LRSD PD Program
LRSD Professional Develoment Plan_2008
Frequently Asked Questions About the New PD Plan

 Click here LRSD Professional Development Overview to learn more about professional development expectations, regulations, and procedures. You can also learn about our 2007 changes in professional development by clicking here New Changes in Human Resources and Professional Development Depts

Under the auspice of the Educational Services Division, the Leadership and Secondary Teacher Development Department and the Elementary Teacher Development Department coordinate, conduct, and oversee professional learning opportunities for teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals that lead toward improved student achievement. Our office staff stands ready to assist our educational community with inquiries, technical assistance, training, and other professional development needs as related to teaching and learning.

In an effort to keep our district teachers and administrators abreast of professional development opportunities that may support professional growth, we have created a page (PD Opportunities) that will provide information on a variety of on-going professional development activities in the district, at the state level, or out-of-state. You will also see a monthly calendar that will be posted on that page listing all workshops for that month.