Poore Man on the Roof Campaign Enriches Local Pantry Effort

Thousands of dollars  worth of canned goods and other non-perishable items are on on their way to a local pantry to help families in need, thanks to the efforts of students, staff, parents and community members.  Little Rock School District Superintendent Mike Poore issued a challenge to students soliciting their help in collecting items to support local pantries, saying he would work from the roof of the administration building if enough items were collected to fill his office within a two-week span.  The response was overwhelming with canned good and other items packing his office and spilling into the area outside.

Students were involved in the process every step of the way.  They not only collected the items, with some campuses turning in more than 2,000 canned goods, they were instrumental in designing the social media marketing materials to help spread the word about the challenge, "Poore Man on the Roof," and even selected the day he take his work outside.  Coincidentally, it happened on 'Groundhog' Day. 

Poore made good on his promise February 2, running his outdoor office perched near the top of the building.  He conducted meetings, hosted community members, and visited with the media in chilly temperatures, and an occasional rain shower. 

Gail Priddy, director of Helping Hand, the pantry benefiting from the donations said this effort meant more than those who gave will ever know.  She said it was the second largest food gift the pantry has ever received. 

Poore also expressed his appreciation to the students and community for their support, "We embraced a theme at the beginning of the year called 'The Power of Us' and I can't think of a more profound demonstration than what has been shown through this effort.  I thank the students, staff and community for stepping up in such a huge way."