Office of Secondary Education

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Associate Supt.: Dr. Dan Whitehorn  & Marvin Burton  

810 West Markham
Little Rock, AR 72201
Telephone: 501-447-1136
Fax: 501-447-1160

Assoc. Supt. for Middle Schools:
Dr. Dan Whitehorn

Assoc. Supt. for High Schools:
Marvin Burton

Administrative Assistant: Joyce Holmes

The Office of Secondary Education provides support, monitors compliance, and supervises day to day operations to the Little Rock School District's six middle schools, five high schools and career technical education.

Approximately 12,000 students (6th - 12th grades) are served through the Office of Secondary Education.

The following are a few of the department areas/programs administered through this office:

  • Adult Education
  • Athletics
  • Career Technical Education
  • Graduations
  • Summer School/Credit Recovery
  • Summer Programs

The Office of Secondary Education is available and works to serve students, parents, and patrons of the Little Rock School District.


Credit Recovery Programs

High School Credit Recovery Announcement

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