Message from Supt. Baker Kurrus Regarding LRSD Security Measures for 2016-17

Message from Superintendent Baker Kurrus
April 14, 2016

LRSD Safety and Security Measures for 2016-17 School Year

The Little Rock School District has been a leader in school safety and security for a number of years.  We know that a safe, secure and nurturing learning environment is essential for all of our students.  We also know that parents and guardians need to have peace of mind.  With these things in mind, we are making some noticeable changes in our safety and security program for the 2016-17 school year.   These changes have been studied carefully by our safety and security director and our other team members.  We have also reviewed the incidents which have actually occurred in and around our buildings.  After careful consideration, we are comfortable that we are improving our overall safety and security program by making these changes.  

We already have magnetic security locks which control access into all of our buildings, and utilize monitoring and visibility plans.  We will be doing additional training so that these tools are used more effectively.  We will employ a mix of school-based resource and security officers, new high-definition cameras and technology, and mobile patrols.  These patrols can be dispatched quickly if problems arise, and they will also be present in areas of need when not on a particular call.

We are also investing in more training, more collaboration with the Little Rock Police Department, and more intentional student engagement.  We believe we can meet our actual needs in elementary settings more effectively with a patrol system for many of our schools.  In secondary schools the changes will be very small.  In all cases we believe these measures will enhance our safety and security generally, and will also allow better and more effective responses to any problems which may occur.

Although the initial investments in equipment and patrol units will be substantial, these changes will ultimately result in cost savings.  Our motivation, however, is not financial.  Our motivation is to foster and maintain a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our students and staff.  We will monitor these changes and continue to make any changes or adjustments necessary to allow us to meet our goals.