The Pathwise Mentoring Program is sponsored and designed by the Arkansas Department of Education in coordination with the Little Rock School District. Novice teachers with less than one year of teaching experience is entitled to be mentored and afforded the opportunities associated with this state's mentoring program.

For more inquiries or information, contact Dr. Lloyd Sain, the Projector Director, at 501.447.3390 or at or at 447.3390.

Front End Mentoring Information  
Front-end Mentoring (FEM)is offered only to the first year non-traditional licensure(NTL) or a first-year M.A.T. candidate. The mentor prepares a well-prepared notebook that contains the required sheets and artifacts to support the requirements listed within FEM. The notebook should be sent to Dr. Lloyd Sain at the IRC for review. Once reviewed, the notebook will be returned to the mentor to be given to the novice teacher.

Mentor Recommendation Form

Praxis III Q and A Session
Pathwise Deadlines and Expectations for 2011-2012
  This documents outlines the deadlines and expectations of mentoring for this school year. The mentor and the novice teacher should print and maintain a copy to guide their work and meetings.

Contract of Understanding for Mentoring
This form is to be signed by both the mentor and the novice teacher as they mutually establish and discuss the grounds, expectations, and outcomes for the mentoring experience.

Professional Growth Plan for Novice Teacher
   In ATLAS, there is a form used by the novice teacher in writing and submitting his/her professional growth plan for the school year. The NT must enter the plan into ATLAS and the mentor must approve it.  A copy of the PGP from ATLAS should be sent to the Projector Director.

Monthly Time Sheet_Pathwise
   This file contains the monthly time sheet that must be used by the mentor and the novice teacher to document their required 4 hours per month. This form does not substitute for the sessions entered into ATLAS. ATLAS is the official system for documenting mentoring.

Additional 25 Hours Timesheet
    This file contains the form needed to record the additional 25 hours that must be done by the mentor. The novice teacher must be aware of this additional time and must initial/sign-off that the additional hours were supportive of his/her needs. This form does not substitute for the sessions entered into ATLAS. ATLAS is the official system for documenting mentoring.

Praxis III Assessment Dates  
This file lists the 2011 -2012 dates for those novice teachers who will be registering for the PIII assessment